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  1. RainbowCupcake

    The Favorites Thread

    Here is a thread where you can list your favorite things in specific categories. Feel free to expand on the list I started. Favorite food: Macaroni and cheese Favorite drink: Any flavored latte (vanilla, caramel, pumpkin spice, etc.) Favorite color: Any "ocean" color (sea green, teal...
  2. RainbowCupcake

    Favorite year for entertainment this decade?

    Since we are now TWO WEEKS from the first day of the next decade, I thought it might be fun to sit back and reflect a little bit on the current decade (in terms of entertainment, of course). We have threads on this website discussing the best shows/movies of this decade, but does anybody have a...
  3. RainbowCupcake

    Disney 2020 Prediction Thread

    It's that time of year again, folks! Since tomorrow marks the start of the last month until the new year/decade (!), I thought it would be appropriate to start the Disney prediction thread for 2020. Whatever will happen during this shiny, exciting new year? We'll just have to wait and see...
  4. RainbowCupcake

    Untitled Warner Bros. Funko Pop Movie in the Works

    So after The Lego Movie, The Emoji Movie and the Playmobil Movie, we now have...the Funko Pop Movie. Yay??? Here is one article on the subject: Warner Animation Group Confirms Funko Movie Project | Animation Magazine Looks like Mark Dindal will be directing and Teddy Newton will be in charge...
  5. RainbowCupcake

    The Annoying Advertisement Thread!

    Have you ever watched a commercial on TV or online and thought, "Gee whiz! How did that company's marketing team let THAT ONE make it on the air???" Well, here's a thread where you can vent about that! List the most annoying commercials that you can think of. I'll start- 1. The Sonic "Two Guys"...
  6. RainbowCupcake

    Cats (2019 Film) News and Discussion Thread

    Behold, the most horrible thing you will ever lay your eyes on. Seriously, it's literal nightmare fuel. The following video you are about to view is so disturbing that you may lose your sense of sight due to the pure atrocity of it. Viewer discretion is advised. Are you up to the challenge...
  7. RainbowCupcake

    So, when are we getting that Frozen live-action remake?

    No, seriously. ;) With the release of The Lion King as well as a few other live action remakes looming in the near future, this is inevitable. My bets are on early 2020 for the announcement (after the success of Frozen 2. Even if the critics hate it, the film will make a boatload of money). For...
  8. RainbowCupcake

    First bad animated movie you remember seeing?

    What's the first animated movie you saw that you really hated? When I was a kid, just about any animated movie I saw was considered good in my eyes. But there was a certain point where I began to distinguish whether a movie had good storytelling or not. That began around 2011. The first...
  9. RainbowCupcake

    Mulan (2020 Live Action Remake) News & Discussion Thread

    Huh? What's that you say, little birdy? Another live action Disney remake is coming? Shocker, shocker. Today the teaser for the live action Mulan was released. Thoughts?
  10. RainbowCupcake

    The Poetry Thread

    Anyone here write poetry? Yeah, me neither. But, I decided to start a thread anyway because I wrote a poem recently and I wanted to post it somewhere. It's called, "Ode to Paper Towels." It's a tongue-in-cheek metrical composition about a person who is a paper towel fanatic. I was inspired to...
  11. RainbowCupcake

    Minecraft Turns 10

    So yesterday was Minecraft's 10 year anniversary. The game was launched on May 17th, 2009 as a developmental release. Little did people know that Minecraft would soon become one of the most popular sandbox games in history. I started playing Minecraft around late 2011 if memory serves me...
  12. RainbowCupcake

    "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil" News and Discussion Thread

    Oh boy, here we go. The sequel to the film from...2014? I think? Honestly, I can't remember as I wasn't a fan of the first. However, the teaser trailer for the 2019 film dropped today and it does look pretty cool. What do you guys think? Do you plan on seeing this film? What did you think of...
  13. RainbowCupcake

    Dora and the Lost City of Gold Pre-Release News and Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    I kind of forgot that this was previously announced a while ago, but apparently, a live-action Dora the Explorer movie is coming in August. I have to admit, the poster does look pretty epic. I don't think Explorer is her middle name. How does that even make sense? Does Dora even have a last...
  14. RainbowCupcake

    "RBUK" News and Discussion Thread

    I honestly thought this was a joke at first... ...but, no. It's a very real thing. So, I watched the first episode and yikes. This show overall is not good, in my opinion. I can tell that they're trying to be funny and tell a semi-interesting story, but the premise is just so stupid that I...
  15. RainbowCupcake

    Disney 2019 Prediction Thread

    I saw one of these for Cartoon Network, so I decided to make one of these for Disney! It will be fun to see in a year from now to see how right/wrong our predictions were. So, what do you predict will happen for Disney in 2019? This includes all three channels, theatrical releases, Marvel, Star...
  16. RainbowCupcake

    The Lego Movie 2 News and Discussion Thread

    I figured I would make a thread for this since I don't see one up yet. So the second trailer for The Lego Movie 2 dropped today and honestly, I think the movie looks great. The plot sounds entertaining and the same style of humor the first movie movie was so well known for seems to be back. Is...
  17. RainbowCupcake

    Disney's "Aladdin" (2019 remake) News & Discussion Thread

    So sorry if this is in the wrong thread or if it's already been posted (couldn't find anything when I searched "Aladdin"). As many of you probably are aware, Disney has been on a "live-action remake" kick lately, which is why another one of their classic animated films, Aladdin, is getting a...
  18. RainbowCupcake

    Worst song you've ever heard?

    I think there was a thread for this way back in 2004, but after hearing a specific song last night, I knew I had to bring it back. I was at work yesterday and the song "Blah Blah Blah" by Armin van Buuren came on, and oh my gosh, it is so bad. It's the same four sentences repeated like 18 times...
  19. RainbowCupcake

    The JoJo and BowBow Show Show News & Discussion Thread

    JoJo Siwa is getting her own animated online short series launching September 22nd. Here's the Hollywood Reporter article: JoJo Siwa Gets Animated in New Nickelodeon Series (Exclusive First Look) I guess this was inevitable, considering how much Nickelodeon loves JoJo Siwa. But oof...this...

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