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  1. Bartak123

    Enough American/Global Politics

    ...lets talk about Canada... :rolleyes: :) Do you think the Liberal Party of Canada will continue to dominate Parliment? How about the Kyoto accord in Canada, huh, huh?
  2. Bartak123


    When you guys debate something do you come to the conversation with relatively open mind. Do you come to a debate to learn more or is it more like a competition. Are you willing to change the notions that you have before you enter a debate? For me it is a competition to an extent however...
  3. Bartak123

    When did you feel you were an adult

    When did you feel you had become an adult For all of the adults on this board or who feel that they are adults: What was the moment that changed your life. The one event that shot you out of childhood into adulthood. For me it was when I first killed a bird for no reason and realized I...
  4. Bartak123

    A puzzling hypothetical

    Say you had a choice between doing two things. You know which decision is the correct one and which is the wrong one. What path do you choose, the correct path or the wrong path. The choice will not affect you in any way or anyone else. What is your decision, to do the correct thing or wrong...
  5. Bartak123


    It seems most people here are in university or below. What do you guys want to be when you grow up, at this point in your life? For people who have the job you're doing what you wanted to do? I wanted to be a pure mathematician, however I became an electrical engineer and did a...
  6. Bartak123

    Friends who are bigots

    How many of you guys have friends who are bigots. The sad fact is that in my group of friends I have friends who are bigots and should technically hate each other's guts, but we are probably the best of friends. It seems unusual...
  7. Bartak123

    A case for vegetaranism

    A case for vegetarianism I was thinking abut vegetarianism. My normal stance is that it took us 40000 years to get to the top of the food chain, I"m not about to give it up. However, how is that animals are different from humans. I mean if it's just a matter of looks and IQ then if an alien...
  8. Bartak123

    Slogans for Homeland Security

    From ESPN Page 2 Gregg Easterbrook, quite funny. My favourite on is the 4th one. Last Week's Challenge The Challenge was to propose a slogan for the new Department of Homeland Security. Mea Davis of Chicago suggested, KNOWING YOUR BUSINESS SINCE 2002. Myk Zagorac of Tallahassee, Fla...
  9. Bartak123

    Greatest Band

    What is in your opinion the greatest band of all time... I'm not in any way educated in music history. IMO Pink Floyd tops my list.
  10. Bartak123


    I never figured why music was so well regarded in the world. Before the thrashing begins, let me explain. I mean nearly all other human endevours are some form of the pursuit of knowledge. I mean music is just carnal. It's only purpose is to only to cause an emotion. Most of the time...
  11. Bartak123

    Good and Evil

    How do you define what is evil and what is good? I take the Socratic approach, ignorance is evil and knowledge is good.
  12. Bartak123


    What is Americanism? I don't understand the term, I hear it a lot, but I have no idea what means.
  13. Bartak123


    I feel I should introduce myself, like so many other fellow newbies. Hmm, don't know what to say really, like cartoons, like comics like Science Fiction. I found this board while my bro was reading through it. Oh well thats it. Sad, my life can be summed up in one line. :rolleyes:
  14. Bartak123

    Tolkien, An Enemy of Progress, by

    This is an interesting article, the original is 4 pages, this is just the last page...enjoy May I offer a final little mind-stretching exercise? Let's start by remembering that history is written by the victors. How do we know that Hitler was as bad as we are told? We know because...

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