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  1. Galaxy 9000

    Greatest Nicktoon Ever(Nomination Thread)

    This is the Nomination thread for the Greatest Nicktoon ever, 8 Nominations per person. Were doing up to 64 Nominations again so yeah.. Every single Nickelodeon Character is eligible. 1st 4 Nominations are mine. 1. Spongebob Squarepants 2. Timmy Turner 3. Jimmy Neutron 4...
  2. Galaxy 9000

    Ben 10 shorts?

    What are these Ben 10 shorts that air in between commercial breaks?, they started airing about 2 weeks ago, and I don't know where they came from.
  3. Galaxy 9000

    Picture Battle!

    In this game, you are supposed to post a picture to beat the picture that was posted before you. This picture is just way too epic to beat, but lets see if you can beat it.
  4. Galaxy 9000

    Crash Bandicoot

    I'd like an opinion from some people who have played crash bandicoot. Should they return to the platforming roots, so stay with the titans gameplay? IMO they need to go back to platforming, the titans makes the game not seem like a crash bandicoot game.
  5. Galaxy 9000

    Who are the worse parents?

    Its Between the parents of Timmy Turner and the parents of the Rugrats. Well I think that leaving your babies unattended is worse than leaving your child with an evil babysitter, so I think the Rugrat parents are the worse. Of course it is only my opinion.
  6. Galaxy 9000

    2D VS. 3D - Which is better?

    So what do you enjoy more, 2D video games, or 3D video games. Without 2D video games, 3D video games would not exist, so 3D must give credit to 2D
  7. Galaxy 9000

    CN Movie - "Underfist Halloween Bash" - Talkback [10/12]

    The Spin-Off, of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy airs tonight at 7PM. Repeats --------- Monday October 13th, 12:00PM. Monday October 13th, 9:30PM.
  8. Galaxy 9000

    Greatest Video Game Character Ever

    Hello Its time for a new greatest thread, but this ones different that my other one because it has a limit of nominations. 4 Nominations per person just to make it fair. All Nominations will be added to the list, even if nobody knows who they are. The First 4 on the list are my nominations...
  9. Galaxy 9000

    What Franchises do you think should get a lego game

    What other franchises do you guys think should get lego games? I think Harry Potter should get a lego game, it would be good to see lego spells.
  10. Galaxy 9000

    Pacman Sequels

    Hey You guys ever played those arcade pacman sequels like Pac & Pal, and Super Pacman? Oh yeah and Mrs. Pacman. I really think that only Mrs. Pacman was a good sequel, the rest weren't too good
  11. Galaxy 9000

    A game series you want brought back

    This is the thread to discuss a game series you want to be brought back, Please Explain Your Answer.
  12. Galaxy 9000

    Spiderman VS. Ironman --- Who do you like better?

    This isn't a VS. thread, its a who you like more thread. Spiderman because of his abilities to fly around the city. Explain Reason also.
  13. Galaxy 9000

    Games that didn't deserve sequels

    This is to talk about games that didn't deserve a sequel. Please explain why. Final Fantasy 7: There are so many sequels for this game.The reason that makes me mad is that Square has only made sequels to FF7, and FFX, but they treat all the other Final Fantasys as if they don't exist.
  14. Galaxy 9000

    Games you just don't like

    This thread is to post about games you don't like. Please explain why you don't like the game. Theirs this game called Anubis II for the Wii, and I have it. Well the first time I played it I learned that you had to use the nunchuck to jump. That was my first complaint about it. Yeah well it...
  15. Galaxy 9000

    Wackiest Cartoons you've ever seen

    This thread is to talk about the wackiest cartoons you've ever seen. They could be Wacky in a good way, or a bad way. Animaniacs is wacky in a good way because of how the characters look, and act.
  16. Galaxy 9000

    Football or Baseball?

    Well which sport is better Football or baseball?
  17. Galaxy 9000

    Pink Panther Movie is getting a sequel

    I don't know if this has been mentioned, but they are releasing a sequel to the 2006 movie. Heres what its about: In the new film, Inspector Clouseau must team up with detectives from other European countries to rout the daring cat burglar, The Tornado, who has returned after a decade of...
  18. Galaxy 9000

    Batman VS. Superman - Who do you like better?

    This is not a battle, but more of a who you like better question. Batman.
  19. Galaxy 9000

    Is Out of Jimmy's Head canceled? Yep.

    Is the show canceled?

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