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  1. Mostezli

    Studio MIR's Next Project "DOTA: Dragon's Blood"

    Based on the popular game franchise and Dropping on the 25th of next month: Interesting, they mention from the writers of X-Men First Class and Thor (2011)
  2. Mostezli

    MORTAL KOMBAT Movie Reboot April 16 Release Date and some plot details ^
  3. Mostezli

    Winter 2021 Anime

    Some shows already premiered. The most popular series of the last decade did release a few episodes before the season officially kicked off. Game Adaptation / Crunchyroll Original The Sequels: Attack on Titan: The Final Season - This is it. The war to end it all. I wonder who survives...
  4. Mostezli

    Cobra Kai Series Discussion

    I figured there would be a thread. Latest season (3rd) dropped yesterday. Has anyone else caught up with this series?
  5. Mostezli

    Manhwa General

    So, this past year saw a consecutive release of adaptations based on Korean comics, "manhwa", which have been growing in popularity globally thanks in part to Webtoon & similar publication sites. Not to be confused with "manhua" as those are Chinese comics, which have had adaptations for quite...
  6. Mostezli

    (Fall 2020) Another Season & Another End to the Year

    Due to the obvious predicament, Winter 2020 started off strong with a boat load of variety proceeded by average - below average seasons. Fall 2020, however, was definitely more noteworthy. It was a season of sequels: They're even doing original - separate from any manga - story sequels like...
  7. Mostezli

    Onyx Equinox Series Talkback (Crunchyroll Original)

    Not an anime. Onyx Equinox - Watch on Crunchyroll I would avoid any other trailer if you want to go in as unspoiled as possible because that first episode was rather intense. No noticeable hiccups in this exceptionally animated mythical fantasy. Onyx Equinox: A Companion Podcast Episode 1, ...
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    2021 Upcoming Shows Nickelodeon Baby Shark (spinoff of Youtube channel) Big Nate (children's book CG adaptation) Brendar the Barbarian (puppet series from Trolls director and Jim Henson puppeteer) Middlemost...
  9. Mostezli

    "Blood of Zeus" Formerly Gods & Heroes Series

    If there's already a thread, I can't find it. Anyways this drops 10 days from today. To be showrun by the writers behind that Immortals movie.
  10. Mostezli

    Deca-Dence [SPOILER ALERT] Any Other Anime Like it?

    If anyone's checked this show out, the first episode has a very familiar vibe to a notable hit series, Attack on Titan, and it pretty much ends on the most mecha v. kaiju punchout out there. There was something off-putting plot-wise in certain key instances. Then, the 2nd episode reveals almost...
  11. Mostezli

    Cyberpunk Edgerunner Netflix Series from Studio Trigger & CD Projekt Red

    A totally stand-alone spinoff set in the game universe: Not exactly a trailer, btw ^ I also had no idea next year would be Studio Trigger's 10 year anniversary.
  12. Mostezli

    Potential Suicide Squad & Gotham Knights Games Possibly in the Works I remember there was a tie-in movie mobile game. So, I'd imagine this one could also be like that. Gotham Knights, however, is making me excited for what may be a Batfamily- or Batman Inc-oriented thing.
  13. Mostezli

    Tower of God: The Best Battle Shounen So Far?

    Without spoiling the source material as I haven't read it, it seems like this has no outright villains and the entire series is just the tournament arc. I was trying to think back on others I've seen and they all essentially follow the same few rules: If the main character is a kid, he's...
  14. Mostezli

    Winter 2020: Tales of Twins and an Evolution

    With Spring 2020 underway, I figured a recap was due for what I thought was an unusually varied season. As isekai was all the rage for quite some time, 2020 Decided to Go Back to the Basics: Unlike most recent isekai, the characters here aren't trapped in their respective settings which are...
  15. Mostezli

    Trends in the '10s: General Animation Edition

    "Rambunctious & Interchangeable Little Critters" Kicking this off with the silliest one. Sequels & spinoffs have been disregarded for this one to avoid repetition. "Animate the Inanimate" It feels like, more so than previous decades, you can plaster a face onto anything. This time I crossed...
  16. Mostezli

    Didn't Realize PGBC Was that Popular (BOY GIRL DOG CAT MOUSE CHEESE)

    I stumbled upon this. Any UK watchers seen this?
  17. Mostezli

    Epithet Erased

    Anyone checked this out? Wish they had a budget for what was a pretty good story with interesting characters.
  18. Mostezli

    The Real Problem With Modern Kid's Cartoons

    Yeah, I know cliche. It feels like PBS Kids Go! infected what the quentessential post-2014 ongoing cartoon is, particularly in the realm of moralizing slices of life. There's always an aesop's fable for a character to experience in every single episode. All I came for was the adventure or comedy...
  19. Mostezli

    TRANSFORMERS: WAR FOR CYBERTRON Coming to Netflix I was excited, but then I saw who the showrunner is. Hope it's a great one.
  20. Mostezli

    Netflix Acquires Millarworld

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