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  1. Vuxovich

    R.I.P. Brendan McKane

    Voice actor Doug Stone's official Facebook profile confirmed that fellow voice actor Brendan McKane passed away some day ago. McKane was best known as the villainous Miles Mayhem of M.A.S.K. fame. He was also in The Real Ghostbusters.
  2. Vuxovich

    My fan artwork dedicated to Tara Strong

    What do you think? I did this crossover fan artwork dedicated to the amazing Tara Strong, the voice of Bubbles in the Powerpuff Girls franchise and Ping Pong in Xiaolin Chronicles. It's also the first fan artwork on the internet featuring the characters from the certain Powerpuff Girls anime and...
  3. Vuxovich

    No "Whose voice is this?" section at the Behind the Voice Actors website

    I was once the member of the Behind the Voice actors forums, but I was expelled due to the inappopriate behavior. Back then, there were the sections like Whose voice is this?, Report news and Report mistakes, but they were removed from the BTVA site for some reason. Now I wonder. Why the said...
  4. Vuxovich

    "Pokémon the Movie: Koko" Talkback Thread

    The brand new Pokémon movie is scheduled to be released this December. As far as I know, it's about a jungle boy raised by a legendary simian Pokémon named Zarude. By the way, this is my voice acting wishlist: Ash Ketchum: Veronica Taylor Jessie: Rachael Lillis James: Tony Oliver Meowth: Erik...
  5. Vuxovich

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) Pre-Release News & Discussion

    Release Date: April 8, 2022 According to the ANN, the second installment in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie series will be released in April 2022. That's a great idea. And my wish is this: If the new characters ever appear in the second Sonic movie, I would like to hear the voices of Ben...
  6. Vuxovich

    What if WB bought the Power Rangers franchise as opposed to Disney?

    I have recently watched Raja Gosnell's certain Scooby movie. It reminds me of the Power Rangers shows a lot. Well, there is a hypothetical scenario. I wonder what would happen if Warner Bros. bought the Power Rangersa franchise instead of Disney (in 2001). How about that?
  7. Vuxovich

    A sequel to the first "Mighty No. 9" game discussion

    As a fan of both Mega Man and Mighty No. 9 franchises, I really can't wait for a sequel for the first Mighty No. 9 game and more. Since he also starred in Mighty Gunvolt Burst, Beck the Mighty No. 9 still has a potential to became a video game franchise star. I believe everything is still possible.
  8. Vuxovich

    Why the Ocean Group never worked on another Sega project since "Sonic Underground"?

    At this moment, I would like to know. As of late, the Ocean Group hasn't done any voice acting project for Sega since the infamous Sonic Underground. Do you know why?
  9. Vuxovich

    The worst installment in the Powerpuff Girls franchise?

    You thought that the 2016 reboot is the worst installment in the Powerpuff Girls franchise? Think again! That honor definitely goes to Powerpuff Girls Z for a lot of reasons. 1. The dub of PPGZ is the only thing in the franchise without the original 1998 show's voice actors. 2. Most of the...
  10. Vuxovich

    Why the television shows starring Mega Man weren't successful?

    It seems the Mega Man metafranchise was not successful on television. Not only that, some of the planned Mega Man shows never came to fruition. 1. The Ruby-Spears cartoon was actually very successful, but canceled after just two seasons. The franchise that was going to be based on that cartoon...
  11. Vuxovich

    The real reason why some American cartoons were voiced in Canada

    You think the reason why some American cartoons were voiced in Canada was due to budget constraints? At this moment, I will reveal the real reason why. Although such experiments were done back in the 1960s, everything started in the mid-1980s with DIC Entertainment. They recorded e.g. Jayce and...
  12. Vuxovich

    Is a follow-up to "Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles" possible?

    Considering that Christy Hui, the woman behind Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles, was recently busy with a documentary that is 9 Dragons Tea, I still hope that a new Xiaolin project is in development. If this is NOT possible, then I will tell you many reasons why: 1. Stephen Sustarsic, one of Xiaolin...
  13. Vuxovich

    Is resolving the 2011 ThunderCats cliffhanger possible or not?

    Since Samurai Jack and Young Justice got their cliffhangers resolved, I would like a resolution of the 2011 ThunderCats reboot. I hope this is possible. If this is NOT possible, then I will tell you many reasons why: 1. Dan Norton prematurely retired from the animation industry immediately...
  14. Vuxovich

    What do you hope to see in 2020?

    The most important thing to me I hope to see in this year are news about a sequel to Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles. I also hope for a sequel to Mighty No. 9. I can't wait! What do you hope?
  15. Vuxovich

    Various animation urban myths

    I am interested in various urban myths. Here is an example: According to a lot of sources, the notorious Garbage Pail Kids cartoon was canceled before it even premiered because the moral guardians were against it. However, it has been recently revealed that the cartoon was actually canceled...
  16. Vuxovich

    Voice actors that should work for Funimation

    I am suggesting these: Eric Bauza (in my opinion, he did an excellent job as both Raimundo and Jack in Xiaolin Chronicles) Jeremy Crutchley (he is excellent as Glad-One in Infinity Train) Matthew Rhys Cree Summer Jennifer Hale Tara Strong Matt Berry Audrey Wasilewski Johnny Galecki Ian James...
  17. Vuxovich

    Them!: The Animated Series

    This Halloween I watched a certain movie starring the giant ants. Would you like to see an animated television series based on the said movie?
  18. Vuxovich

    A 'Scooby-Doo + Dragon Ball Z/GT/Super' crossover

    This year I have watched The Curse of the 13th Ghost and the said movie's main antagonist (Asmodeus) looks a lot like an Akira Toriyama-created villain. Now I am wondering if a 'Scooby-Doo + Dragon Ball Z/GT/Super' crossover is possible. What do you think?
  19. Vuxovich

    What happened to the Ruby-Spears animation studio?

    I don't really know what really happened to the Ruby-Spears animation studio. Everything I know about the animation studio's post-1991 life is that they did Mega Man and Skysurfer Strike Force in association with Ashi Productions and for New York City-based companies. I have heard that Turner...
  20. Vuxovich

    Why some of the Viz Media dubs were cut short?

    I have heard that some of the Viz Media dubs were cut short e.g. Zatch Bell! and MÄR. Why was that? Anyway, saddest such thing (at least to me) is the dub of the Mega Man Battle Network anime. It has been rumored that the dub's cancelation was Kids' WB's fault, but I choose to blame Capcom...

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