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  1. DuckDodgers33

    A CartoonCartoons channel?

    I got this from the Cow & Chicken thread, but does anybody think a CartoonCartoons only channel would be a good idea (sort of like Nicktoons TV)? I think it would be pretty cool, because they would probably show the ones that haven't been seen for years, and the ones that have been played over...
  2. DuckDodgers33

    Dodgers' New Season

    Anybody have a clue when this show's new season is going to premiere? It's really confusing me. Shouldn't take this long...
  3. DuckDodgers33

    CN cancled shows you'd like to continue

    Just wondering if anybody out there have CN favorites that if they could, would like to continue.
  4. DuckDodgers33

    Get Rid Of Adult Swim

    Can Cartoon Network return to showing forgotten (but good) shows after midnight. Cartoon Network has been really messing itself up with these really stupid AS originals. Sad part is, none of it is really worth watching. At least before 2000 it was showing mostly good shows ALL day. After all, in...

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