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  1. Mostezli

    Larry King Dead At 87

    The guy was a workaholic to the very end. I remember his show on RT America, which along with his other show was licensed for that international broadcast.
  2. Mostezli

    "Marvel on Disney+" Pre-Release News & Discussion, Part 4 (Spoilers)

    I'd say the show makes up for it, since that's more hours of content to develop who he was and who he currently is. I'm more weirded out that both Hawkeye & Black Widow are getting their first solos to then likely pass off their mantle to someone younger within the same vehicle.
  3. Mostezli

    "WandaVision (Disney+ Limited Series)" Talkback (Spoilers)

    Third time in a row where the comedic writing and timing = someone failing to study all this overnight. This time, common phrases/retorts/conversations get laughs and emotional awes are poof'd in like a fart. I don't know what to make of a show where the audience is supposed to be uncomfortable...
  4. Mostezli

    "WandaVision (Disney+ Limited Series)" Talkback (Spoilers)

    Seemed like they all know from the boss's wife to the neighbors and they just get demented from time to time because they can't maintain this fantasy. Vision is the outlier because his robot consciousness is the one actively being tampered with or he's not real whatsoever. Wanda is repressing...
  5. Mostezli

    "WandaVision (Disney+ Limited Series)" Talkback (Spoilers)

    worst episode so far I don't know why Elizabeth Olsen is still using that 50's/60's cadence. So, apparently Wanda recognizes SWORD. And apparently you can be yourself in this matrix if you weren't an original inhabitant, but then it seems said original inhabitants are actively going along with...
  6. Mostezli

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

    17 million was the reported total since ~1 million shots/day a week ago. As I stated in a previous post, that puts us to Fall or Winter of this year in terms of enough people inoculated. Longer due to States report vaccine shortages and cancel appointments...
  7. Mostezli

    Why aren't there more male-oriented teen dramas?

    Attractive twenty somethings are also the female teenage characters...unless it's Winx Club :zim: I thought Teen Wolf was for the boys and the amount of guys on the internet who speak highly of the various Whedon tv shows made me think those were also intended for a male audience. Buffy the...
  8. Mostezli

    Movie Release Delay (due to Coronavirus) Megathread Nobody is now April 2, 2021 Last Night in Soho is now October 22, 2021 After MGM announced the 4th delay for No Time to Die, now in theaters October 8, 2021...
  9. Mostezli

    "Morbius" News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    1/11: Finally, got the right month for release. Now they can do all that Halloween advertising. 1/21: Ok, nevermind
  10. Mostezli

    @Johntoonfan05 It's a meme that was shared around originating from some Horoscope site. You know...

    @Johntoonfan05 It's a meme that was shared around originating from some Horoscope site. You know like how we're expecting aliens or alien evidence to be declassified since 2020 was THAT crazy of a year. We did go through 2019 with that zombie deer thing.
  11. Mostezli

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

    Absolutely ridiculous pandemonium: "Unlike flu viruses, the COVID-19 virus is typically quite stable, accumulating just one or two mutations a month. That’s because it has a...
  12. Mostezli

    "Superman & Lois" News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    Ok, now I'm genuinely curious. It's like they got the cinematographer, vfx people from the movies. Is this just for the 2 hour special or are they really going to make a tv series that looks like this?
  13. Mostezli

    Nostradamus Prediction February 21, 2021

    Nostradamus Prediction February 21, 2021
  14. Mostezli

    Zombie Outbreak Countdown 31 days to Go :p

    Zombie Outbreak Countdown 31 days to Go :p
  15. Mostezli

    "HBO Max (Streaming Service)" Animation News and Discussion (Spoilers)

    Even if those movies were successes or apparently in the case of Beware the Batman there was no controversy (that's the reason for the guns they used; first time seeing that excuse for the show itself), not getting enough viewers on bad timeslots, getting the wrong demo of viewers, and thus not...
  16. Mostezli

    Futurama vs Disenchantment

    I just pointed out what the two shows are going for in the "twist" department. Mike Judge did a way better satire on what the future could be with that live-action movie. For both shows, it's not much of a twist. I enjoy Disenchantment so far because it's the same thing Groening does with a...
  17. Mostezli

    "Titans" (DC Universe) News & Discussion Thread, Part 2 (Spoilers)

    Costume-wise, I'd wager her body double does the Batgirl stuff sort of like how we had Batman scenes before they even got an actor to play Bruce Wayne.
  18. Mostezli

    We have had religious doomsday scenarios for this year and the USA has to live past 2026, so...

    We have had religious doomsday scenarios for this year and the USA has to live past 2026, so that we get over the 250 year hump when civilizations typically collapse.
  19. Mostezli

    "HBO Max (Streaming Service)" Animation News and Discussion (Spoilers)

    They said Wonder Woman '09 didn't make as much and that was back when the movies on average were doing double/triple the sales figures of the current average. Bloodlines should have probably had more semblance of a connection/relevance to the rest of the canon, but more importantly should have...

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