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  1. Tak Mazé

    TALKBACK - OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - "A Hero's Fate" & "Let's Have a Stakeout" - [9/29]

    Yeah Cloud was what I was seeing, I just thought it was weak in general. The whole episode is basically re-using the same joke, they're doing stuff you would do in an RPG video game.
  2. Tak Mazé

    TALKBACK - OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - "A Hero's Fate" & "Let's Have a Stakeout" - [9/29]

    So "A Hero's Fate" is supposed to based on something and/or parodying something, but as someone unfamiliar with the source material it was just way too predictable of a story. Can we hold off on cameos and crossovers until we've actually properly defined the core characters of the show...
  3. Tak Mazé

    Cartoon Network Merchandise

    I have some books but that's about it. I'd like some figurines but they don't really sell those in a set I'd want to collect. Heck, most of the time I can't even find a full set of DVD's for any of their shows in my region. And those Funko things are atrocious.
  4. Tak Mazé

    September, 2017--What Did You Buy/Get This Month

    Picked up Monster Hunter Stories and Samus Returns Legacy Edition. Also going to get the Pokemon Gold re-release.
  5. Tak Mazé

    TALKBACK - OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - "We've Got Fleas" - [9/15]

    Continuity be darned! I laughed at that ending because it caught me so off guard.
  6. Tak Mazé

    "Steven Universe" News and Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    Theories, hmmm. I wouldn't say I was as "into" the show as a lot of people having only just caught up, but... Steven vs. Amethyst, placed right at the start of what appears to be some multipart episodes, later followed by one called "The Kindergarten Kid"? Amethyst betrays the team, perhaps...
  7. Tak Mazé

    Wakfu Kickstarter launched to get English dub for series

    I just finished watching it recently, never played the game before either. The game itself is apparently a sequel to another game called Dofus which uses the same lore, just to confuse matters further for newcomers! After the first episode, it seemed to be mostly filler, but what it seemed to...
  8. Tak Mazé

    Nintendo 3DS - General Talkback Thread 2

    I haven't picked up a 3DS yet, I've already adapted to the modern console trend that after a couple of years there will be a better model with more features, more games and at a better price, so I tend not to go for them when until that happens. Since the 3DS has such a nice library now, I may...
  9. Tak Mazé

    Crowd Sourcing Animation Projects

    The only animation I backed was Welcome to Hell Not sure why but I don't feel as eager to put money down on independent films as I am with games. Maybe crowd-funded animation needs its very own "Double-Fine...
  10. Tak Mazé

    What Did You Buy/Get This Month? - July 2011

    Bought Chantelise when it came out :). Very challenging, forces you to practice to get good enough to proceed further.
  11. Tak Mazé

    Tablet Discussion Thread (Xoom, Playbook, iPad, Acer, Asus, and more!)

    I don't own one, purely because it wouldn't benefit me in any way.I have a desktop which I use most of the time that does everything, I have a Blackberry which does most Internet-related tasks when I'm on the go, or if I need something with a little more oomph, I have a 13inch laptop. There's...
  12. Tak Mazé

    Let Us Discuss the Online Pass Situation

    If they're going to penalise gamers who actually do go out and pay for their games by installing DRM, limiting the number of machines it can be installed on and now cutting parts out of the game in this manner, aren't people just going to resort to piracy?
  13. Tak Mazé

    Animation Complaints you dislike the most

    Ditto here on people who consider cartoons as kids stuff. Once you can convince people they're works of art which took a lot of effort to make, you can get others hooked for life ;). Cartoon Network in the UK don't really help with that image, pretty much declaring all cartoons to be for kids...
  14. Tak Mazé

    Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe Wants YOUR Opinion On Their Pilots!

    Perfectly suitable for a Youtube short, no? I wouldn't want to watch a full half hour of it though. I thought it was a wonderful one-off showcase, with the over-the-top fluid animation. I wouldn't mind seeing something done with Elliot's Zoo though. I'd watch more if they made some with a...
  15. Tak Mazé

    Cartoon Network picks up Paper Rad's "The Problem Solverz"

    If the show doesn't cause epileptic fits, Paper Rad's website most certainly will.
  16. Tak Mazé

    Cartoon Network picks up Paper Rad's "The Problem Solverz"

    I ended up watching it twice because I thought I'd missed something the first time. I concluded that I was just too old to understand the type of entertainment this thing was trying to convey... Either that or it genuinely is not funny or creative.
  17. Tak Mazé

    That old debate.. Sonic Vs. Mario

    Both have great music for the most part, although I'd say Sonic's suited his game style better and has a lot more pre-recorded tracks, as opposed to midi instrument ones in most (maybe all, not sure if Galaxy is pre-recorded or not) Mario games.
  18. Tak Mazé

    Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Talkback [DS] (Spoilers!)

    How is this compared to the GBA games? I've been avoiding it because the first two games bored me rigid. I never quite understood how it managed to get a fan base, with a dull story that often leaves you wondering what you're supposed to be doing (and why you're doing it) and characters with...
  19. Tak Mazé

    Cartoon Network International News Thread

    Probably just using ads or bumpers that pre-date the change. We had the same thing here when we swapped logo's.
  20. Tak Mazé

    That old debate.. Sonic Vs. Mario

    Sonic has been a bit hit and miss lately (for a long time actually). Sonic Rush was a nice game but there hasn't really been anything spectacular since the end of the Megadrive. On the other hand, Mario has been consistently good over the last couple of decades but come on... A plumber who...

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