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    Since When Did Rudolph and Frosty Start Airing On Freeform?

    It’s still on CBS, but flipping through the schedule I’ve noticed it will be airing on Freeform. Is this something new or has it been showing on there? Find it a little unusual since Freeform is owned by Disney.
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    Peanuts Specials Will Air On PBS

    **A mod needs to reopen the Peanuts thread.** Starting with A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on November 22 and A Charlie Brown Christmas in December 13. Since they’re going to be PBS, they’ll be commercial free. I can go for that.
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    Why Can’t Speedy Cartoons Be Shown With A Disclaimer?

    HBO Max did it with Gone With The Wind, so why can’t they do the same with Speedy cartoons? So far, they’ve only added one Speedy short. It seems like an easy fix.
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    The Peanuts Holiday Specials Moved To Apple TV

    I don’t like that to say the least. Not everybody has access to Apple TV. Just found out that my 2016 Samsung 4K isn’t Apple TV compatible and I’m sure I’m not alone. Hope there’s enough outrage for CBS or even NBC to acquire the network rights.
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    Classic Cartoons On HBO Max

    I have to applaud them for cleaning up the picture quality of the classics, particularly The Flintstones. I swear, it looks like 4K. No distortion at all. If you don’t have HBO Max, it’s almost worth it just to check it out. You’ve never seen The Flintstones look like this. For those who have...
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    Is Me-TV About To Add A Saturday Morning Cartoon Block?

    On their sight they have an old Saturday morning schedule from 1980 and a list of cartoons from 1980. They’ve already added The Flintstones to their night schedule. Maybe they’re trying to poke interest. A Saturday morning block would be very good for Me-TV.
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    New Looney Tunes In Their Classic Forum Are On Their Way.

    Warner animation says that they already have between 200-300 shorts done and they plan on doing around 1000 when they’re done. I saw the first one and it’s good. It was classic Looney Tunes in true HD. I forget the name, but it was just a 90 second shoot featuring pre 48 Bugs and Elmer. They...
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    Why Isn’t All The Looney Tunes Shorts Shown?

    Boomerang has really gotten bad as of late. It seems as if they show the same toons over and over. They’ve been bad before, but I think they’re at their worse right now.
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    The Flintstones And Smurfs Are Actually Airing This Time

    They’ve been on the schedule so many times to only not actually air. I also see The Jetsons on the schedule. It’s nice to see Boom, to a certain extent, go back to its roots.
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    This Might Not Go Over Good, But What’s The Deal With Scooby’s Popularity?

    I must say, I was never a big fan of Scooby-Doo. Every show had the exact same premise. But here we are in 2017 and it’s STILL popular. Just don’t get it.
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    Why No Love For Gatchaman/Battle Of The Planets

    I get the impression that everyone knows who The Power Ranger and Voltron are. Both has been recently rebooted. But when it comes to Battle of the Planets, I get the feeling, unless you were a child of the 70's, you know nothing about it. What makes this sad is that both The Power Rangers and...
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    How The Grinch Stole Christmas 1966 Cartoon.

    Who exactly owns the rights to it? The reason I ask is because I've seen it on 3 different networks, NBC(nice to see it back on network television) TNT and Cartoon Network. Just wondering.
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    Healthcliff And Inspector Gadget Airs On Encore Family.

    Just thought I'd let anyone who's a fan of those 2 cartoons know that they air on the Encore Family Channel starting at 3:49 pm. Directv ch 542
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    At Least The Jetsons Are Back.

    Not a huge fan of The Jetsons, but I'm glad that they're back on Boom. At the very least, it gives me hope that other classics are on their way.
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    What Has Happened To Boomerang Is Just Sad.

    That network was created to show older toons. Not toons that are just a couple of years old. I guess we will never see The Richie Rich Show, The Snorks, The Shirt Tales, Jose and the Pussycats, The Flintstone Kids, The Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Show, Wally Gator, Top Cat, Thundar or any other toon...
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    What Has Happened To Boomerang?

    It's the same every month. I remember when they would change the lineup every so often. Wally Gater, Snorks, Shirt Tales, Richie Rich, Duck Rodgers just to name a few, hasn't been on Boomerang in years. I'm not going to get into some of the other toons that have not been seen on Boomerang as...
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    Since Cartoons Like Speed Racer and Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman Were Made In Japan, Then Why Are

    I've always been curious of that. Why didn't they make the characters in there own image? Does anyone have an answer?
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    Since Looney Tunes Is Obviously Here To Stay, Isn't It About Time CN/Boom Start Airing More Shorts?

    I DVR Looney Tunes everyday and I'm getting a little tired of the same shorts week end and week out. I'm glad that they finally brought them back after many years of not being on TV, but it's about time that they expand what they're showing.
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    Speedy Gonzales Finally Returns To TV.

    Boom aired a Speedy short for the first time in years this morning(Jan26). I can assume that Speedy will be apart of the rotation now which is a good thing. Considering that Boom is ad free, it makes sense that it would air on Boom. Since CN is ad supported, it still might not air on that...
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    Why Was The Great Gazoo Totally Phased out Of The Flintstones?

    After the original series ended, I only recall Gazoo appearing in the second Flintstones movie. I don'teen.ever recall him appearing in any Fruity Pebbles commercials. What gives?

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