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  1. Tak Mazé

    Animal Crossing - The Animated Movie (no foolin')
  2. Tak Mazé

    Pokemon Ranger - A glimpse into Diamond/Pearl?

    I've seen this game in many places called "Pokemon Ranger - The Road to Diamond and Pearl". If it's called that, I'm guessing that the world Ranger is set in is the one that's going to be used in the next major RPG. If that's so then it's going to fix the problem I had with Ruby & Sapphire...
  3. Tak Mazé

    Puyo Pop Fever 2 ROCKS!

    Screw Tetris, Puyo Pop Fever 2 (or as the credits say, Puyo Puyo Fever Chu) is the best puzzler ever made! I was always a big fan of the original and just had to import this one from Japan. Even though I don't understand a word of it, it's much better than the previous Puyo Pop Fever and I think...
  4. Tak Mazé

    Sabrina coming to CN Europe

    Luckily not the UK, but Nordic viewers are getting some new stuff in March, the most odd of the lot being Sabrina the Animated Series...I'm not that familiar with the show, but wasn't this a Disney thing?
  5. Tak Mazé

    Games that would benefit from DS/PSP Wifi

    I've been thinking, after seeing all these cool games go online. Which games from the past would have been suited incredibly well to the more modern handhelds? My top three would be: Poy Poy (Playstation) Quake (PC) and Shining Soul II (GBA) Of course, I could think up loads more. Which games...
  6. Tak Mazé

    So.. Boomerang UK. What's it doing?

    New episodes of Tom & Jerry? Fosters moves onto the channel? I've got an old VHS from 1999 back when Boomerang was just starting out as an evening block of shows. The advert defined it as a place for Hann-Barbara classics... Riiiight. I have officially had it with Turner now. The only thing...
  7. Tak Mazé

    Console war gone by.

    Not one thread that involves the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP goes without getting into a fanboy/fangirl argument about which is better. So let's go back to a time when it was Sega and Nintendo which were trying to win the audiences. Who's side were YOU on? Personally, I was with Nintendo all the way...
  8. Tak Mazé

    CNUK - New shows for January

    I'm scared already. Come January, CN will subject us to Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island, Johnny Test and new episodes of Mucha Lucha (I think).
  9. Tak Mazé

    This is stuff I should have known! I just read this today. I had no idea this ever happened. Imagine what the gaming industry today would be like if the plans back in the early 90's actually happened? :eek: I can't believe I didn't know about this... If you can't be bothered to read...
  10. Tak Mazé

    CNUK - Cartoon Theatre Weekend...

    Do they even have the right to call it a "Cartoon" Threatre weekend? What with the fact than 2 of the movies aren't even cartoons at all? If it weren't for the fact that I like the 2 movies (Hook and Willy Wonka) I would be sending a written letter of complaint. Well, other movies this weekend...
  11. Tak Mazé

    Wha?? Is this right??

    According to the schedule at, this Saturday, Miguzi comprises of mostly Ed Edd n Eddy... Um.. What's Miguzi for again? Not much else to say, I just want to know how reliable their schedule is. And any particular reasons?
  12. Tak Mazé

    CN to have episode downloads for VuGo.

    Sorry if someone already mentioned this but I didn't notice anywhere and I thought it was pretty interesting. (lock, merge or move if necessary) Anyway, there's a portable media player system called VuGo. There's tons of systems like this around nowadays, but this one seems to play downloaded...
  13. Tak Mazé

    USB Oddities

    I wasn't exactly sure if I should post this here or in the TZ Café. I decided here eventually after reading the description for the board itself. I guess this is computer entertainment after all :) Anyway, I was wondering if you had any strange and wonderful devices which are powered by USB? It...
  14. Tak Mazé

    More Eds fanart.

    I do so enjoy colouring :) Wish I could make better lineart though. It took me quite a while to do so I thought I'd post it here ^^
  15. Tak Mazé

    3D Platformers for PC

    I'm on the hunt for a game I played many years ago for PC. It happened to be a 3D platformer. After looking, I found there weren't ever that many games of this kind for PC. Can anyone name any? Except Rayman, iNinja and Sonic?
  16. Tak Mazé

    Fanart... Yup

    Well I don't post in this board very often, and if you look below you'll see why :P Any realistic and helpful hints greatly appreciated, so long as you don't go on about how awful Nigel looks holding his gun thingy :D
  17. Tak Mazé

    Another handheld contender?

    I'm not sure. But judging from the readable part of the below post, it seems likely this is another PDA based media player. The only difference is this one looks to be gaming oriented, as you can see from it's design. Much like the Tapwave Zodiac (best handheld ever) except with a smaller screen...
  18. Tak Mazé

    MS-Duo? Or MS-Doomed? Well there you have it. No more use for Sony's flash memory cards. Designed for PSP, but will most likely work on any Sony device which uses this storage format. This could probably be the best PSP gadget yet. Figures that Sony didn't...
  19. Tak Mazé

    CN UK mentions UK-Exclusive Fosters episodes.

    I was reading through the Monthly Highlights at Turner Info Europe, which I think they've only just uploaded for next month. On page four, it mentions new Fosters episodes, with UK-Exclusive written next to it. So, are these world premieres like last time (Sweet stench of Success, Mac Daddy...
  20. Tak Mazé

    Recent Billy & Mandy

    I'm kinda busy so I don't watch CN as much as I should, but the UK recently got a stack of new episodes. Yesterday I managed to see one (Secret Decoder Ring). What I witnessed was the most un-funny episode yet :( I know it's just my opinion, but I really felt something was missing entirely. It's...

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