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  1. Silverstar

    Worst Decade for Animation?

    And meeting John Cena.:D
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    Anthropomorphic Characters in Animation - A Discussion

    Ah, didn't know. Sorry about that. I'll retract that part. However.... This part, not so much. The meaning I plucked was from the Online Dictionary, which is pretty current. Any animal that speaks or communicates like a human or possesses human traits, emotions or motivations (such as greed or...
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    Anthropomorphic Characters in Animation - A Discussion

    Please don't put words in my mouth. I never called anyone stupid, just pointing out the obvious typos. Xxerox is American I believe, and I don't think he's dyslexic, so neither of the above is the case here, and even if that were the case, that doesn't give him carte blanche to be rude to everybody.
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    Why does Nickelodeon handle their cartoons so poorly?

    Seriously? This may come as a shock, but producers don't pour money into or bother to keep making episodes of a show if it's universally regarded as "among the worst cartoons ever made". Just because you and some other cranky adults on a message board think Breadwinners is horrible doesn't mean...
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    Anthropomorphic Characters in Animation - A Discussion

    Um, yeah. About that: Anthropomorphism is defined as 'attribution of human motivation, characteristics, or behavior to inanimate objects, animals, or natural phenomena'. Therefore any cartoon animal that talks and/or possesses human emotions and motivations ARE anthropomorphic, regardless...
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    "The Peanuts Movie" Talkback (Spoilers)

    Wow, paranoid much? The film is doing well and folks are digging it, just let 'em enjoy the moment, I say. Guess somebody's always gotta be ants at the picnic. BTW, just because you hate Blue Sky doesn't mean that everybody does.
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    What show should Disney Channel bring back?

    I think instead of bringing a bunch of older shows back, Disney Channel should instead pioneer and produce new shows and properties that folks would find fun to watch, preferably not just stuff that you have to be a teen or a tween to be into. I'd like to see something akin to the Disney...
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    Discovery Family Channel Fantasy Schedule

    To quote the Big Lebowski: HBTV is a premiere block, on a premiere block running on prime time you've gotta give 'em something new. Anyway, that's just a filler segment, not a full-fledged show. Relax.
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    Ways to Make Cartoon Network Even Better

    The creation of Adult Swim had nothing to do with CN wanting to achieve more popularity. The block was created so that the folks behind CN could produce and air more mature themed content without tainting CN's kid-friendly image (also because by this time Cartoon Network was firmly established...
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    Worst Decade for Animation?

    I usually try to avoid era snobbery, but I have to say that the 1970's through 1980's were a noticeable dry spell for animation in terms of technical prowess and creativity. The toons of the 70's tended to rehash a lot of the same premises and hooks (ex: putting characters in rock bands, having...
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    Anthropomorphic Characters in Animation - A Discussion

    TV producers have a long-standing idee fixe that the presence of animals automatically makes a cartoon more attractive to young kids. Also, animals are often used so artists won't have to designate a specific race for their characters, thus giving them universal appeal.
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    Clone Wars replacement

    Let me answer your question with a question: why are you seriously expecting a show like this to turn up on Cartoon Network of all places? These days they specialize in sugar-addled comedies and high-concept, cross-platform toons like Adventure Time and Steven Universe. Where exactly would a...
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    Should they do a new series of Ed, Edd 'n Eddy when they are in high school? What are your thoughts?

    If Danny Antonucci and AKA aren't interested in reviving Ed3, then a revival ain't happening. It's really that simple.
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    Anthropomorphic Characters in Animation - A Discussion

    I'm OK with anthropomorphic animals in a point; as long as the animal characters, despite their anthropomorphism, remain animals and it's never forgotten that they're animals, then I'm fine with it. Examples of tolerable anthropomorphism for me would be Scooby-Doo or Barbie's pets...
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    Most obscure Disney cartoon?

    I wasn't talking to you, dude. Well, I know I'm old, and indeed I saw that "special". It was actually a pilot for a series (based on a line of plush toys that was out at the time) that didn't get bought.
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    I'm Sad Cartoon Network's prime time shows can't even air in prime time....(Thanks Adult Swim)

    I'm not going to advocate removing Adult Swim from CN's schedule like so many people tend to do, since although I'm not a big fan of AS, I know that's not going to happen as long as the block pulls in ratings. A more feasible suggestion, I think, would be to push AS back to say, 9 or 10 PM, so...
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    Most obscure Disney cartoon?

    The Moxy Show wasn't Disney, but OK.
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    What happened to quality animation?

    Most people who make claims like "Flash animation is a cop-out" and "the people who use Flash don't want to put any time and effort into their work" tend to be people who have obviously never tried to write, draw, animate or create anything in their lives. It's easy to lay back on your sofa and...
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    What happened to quality animation?

    The above quote is yet another biased generalization which isn't based on anything factual, comes from no modicum of personal experience nor is it quantifiable in any way, shape or form, and it's already been debunked a few posts earlier, so I'm not going to bother repeating myself as this is...
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    What happened to quality animation?

    Again, whether or not you personally care for these shows is irrelevant. What's being discussed here is the animation, not the show's content. If you haven't seen or bothered to check out that many Flash animated shows, then you're not really in a position to say that their animation is bad. You...