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  1. Mr. Daniel

    DreamWorks Animation News and Discussion Thread

    All I care about is How to Train Your Dragon 3. Which has been delayed till 2019. Other than that, unless Dreamworks changes it's mindset on how to make movies. Then my soft spot for Dreamworks will simply disappear.
  2. Mr. Daniel

    Dreamworks Animation obtains rights to Captain Underpants

    Out of all the studios that had to make this, why does it have to be Dreamworks? This studio has been under a conservative, stick to your guns approach for way too long under Katzenberg. I've said this before, but even though I know their deal is to be the anti-Disney, they seriously need to...
  3. Mr. Daniel

    "Girl Meets World" Cancelled - Final Episode on 1/20

    I miss the glory days of High School Musical, Suite Life, and everyone's favorite anime Cory in the House. The last Disney kidcom I can remember that was good was Good Luck Charlie. Mainly because it a somewhat down to earth kidcom. The rest of Disney channel shows plots are a bunch of middle...
  4. Mr. Daniel

    what's with the internet's obsession with the pre-school show lazy town?

    The internet has had obsessions with other cartoons and live action kids shows before. But they usually come and go. Take the whole "Shrek is love, Shrek is life" fad back in 2014. It was huge back then, But does anyone talk about that anymore? Fads like these come and go. The only one that has...
  5. Mr. Daniel

    Songs that are/were overplayed on the radio

    Anything on the Pulse.
  6. Mr. Daniel

    Sony Pictures Animation’s “Emojimovie: Express Yourself”

    This movie is opening in theaters on my birthday. I don't feel right.
  7. Mr. Daniel

    why does japan have some of the WORST character designs?

    My art teacher says there are many distinct styles of anime. So what worst character design?
  8. Mr. Daniel

    What shows should Nickelodeon acquire?

    Simple. None. Nick needs to go back to the drawing board and learn how to be a television company again.
  9. Mr. Daniel

    Does Nick need it's own story-driven fantasy Cartoon?

    The comments on Gravity Falls and Adventure Time were surprisingly well educated coming from kids.
  10. Mr. Daniel

    What animated shows which ended too early do you wish would be picked up by Netflix to continue?

    Anything that Nickelodeon dropped or rejected that was good and wasn't picked up by another network. It would be a good way for the creators to stick their tongues out at the company.
  11. Mr. Daniel

    I remember seeing ads for it on CN but I never got around to watch it.

    I remember seeing ads for it on CN but I never got around to watch it.
  12. Mr. Daniel

    Least favorite Disney Animation/Pixar film

    The Good Dinosaur was a Lion King rip off and one of the most emotionally manipulative animated movies I've ever seen. Chicken Little is a downright reprehensible movie, from the way they treated the main character and that the dad was a horrendous character from the start.
  13. Mr. Daniel

    Least Favorite / Likable / Notweworthy Female Character(s) in animation...

    Identity politics in entertainment should stop if you ask me. Why can't they just be good or bad characters? Not good or bad FEMALE characters? I love great female characters in animation but does their gender have to add how good or bad they are in a story? Oh, and to answer your question...
  14. Mr. Daniel

    Best Disney songs.

    "I'll make a man out of you" by Mulan. Mainly because the lines "LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS! TO DEFEAT...the huns." became a running joke with my friends.
  15. Mr. Daniel

    Fairly Odd Parents, Season 10 - News & Discussion Thread

    The Flash....IT BURNS!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!
  16. Mr. Daniel

    Will Action Cartoons ever make a comeback?

    Maybe because we don't see Action Cartoons nowadays is because maybe they peaked too early. It's been about 10 years since Avatar, the gold standard of this genre, happened. Maybe the anime influence on American cartoons has washed off. But If you consider movies in this such as How to Train...
  17. Mr. Daniel

    Favorite Animation Reviewers/Review Sites

    I can't think of review sites, but I can definitely think of some good Youtube animation reviewers. Phantom Strider 8 - if you count Top 10 lists as "reviews." Then he's pretty good for a "fun and friendly" analysis. He can be a bit biased though (He downright adores Steven Universe)...
  18. Mr. Daniel

    Cartoons That Got Dumber as they Got Along

    We all know these types of cartoons. The ones that start off fun, witty, and charming but then get dumbed down probably for multiple reasons. Spongebob is a prime example of this, the show started off just that but is now...just that. But instead of bashing Spongebob, I'm going to give what I...
  19. Mr. Daniel

    Code Geass: Lelouch the Resurrection (New Series)

    No. Why? The ending to Code Geass was great. Why ruin it? But then again, You don't have to consider Boruto cannon. So...
  20. Mr. Daniel

    Anime Episode Titles are Basically Sentences

    This is a weird thing I've noticed about anime. A lot of the episodes have super long titles. Like, a sentence long. Seriously, take Dragon Ball Z for example. Titles like "Don't Cry, Gohan! His First Fight" and "The Saiyans, Mightiest Warriors in the Universe, Awaken!" I've also seen this with...