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  1. NeoplanDan

    Dorg Van Dango "News & Discussions"

    A bit of news from 5 months ago, according to Kidscreen: This move is part of Nick’s efforts to grow its animation content pipeline, notes Naito in the announcement. The company is wasting no time getting started as the...
  2. NeoplanDan

    International Disney Networks Thread Part 4

    Continuing on from the previous thread, which it surpassed over 1000 posts. Previous Thread - International Disney Thread 3
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    "Sulphur Springs" News & Discussions Sulphur Springs, written/executive by Tracey Thomson and executive produced by Charles Pratt, was originally developed as a...
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    "Diary of A Wimpy Kid (Animated Series)" Pre-Release News & Discussion

    Based on the article from BBC: Kinney is also working to develop the Wimpy Kid books into an animated series. "I have written two episodes so far," he says. "I am trying to get at the truth of childhood and to make it as deep as it can be...
  5. NeoplanDan

    Tom DeLonge’s ‘Strange Times’ Adult Animated Comedy In Works At TBS

    Another Animated series of TBS is in the works, According to Deadline: Tom DeLonge’s ‘Strange Times’ Adult Animated Comedy In Works At TBS TBS has put in development Strange Times, based on Tom DeLonge’s graphic novel and book series, as a potential adult animated series, with DeLonge set to...
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    What Activities That You Do Outside of Amine Superhero

    I figured that we needed a thread that talks about what we mostly do when were not here on the forum, here’s mines of what i usually do: *Go on Facebook to a private group that talks about transit buses and trains *Go on Instagram/Twitter to Interact with others *Watch videos on YouTube...
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    "Glitch Techs" News & Discussions (Spoilers)

    I created this as I figured that there was no thread for this show. Previous News From 2016 "Glitch Techs (working title) has been picked-up for 20-episodes set to debut in 2018. Glitch Techs is an adventure-comedy following two newly recruited kids as they battle video game monsters that...
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    "Pikwik" News & Discussions (Spoilers)

    According to the article: "Disney Junior has picked up Toronto-based Guru Studio’s original preschool series Pikwik. The animated show will launch with Disney Junior in the US, Australia/New Zealand, Korea and...
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    "Sadie Sparks" News & Discussions (Spoilers) As the article states. "The Disney Channel is preparing a supernatural animated series featuring the voice talents of Strictly Come Dancing’s Craig Revel-Horwood, comedian Rufus Hound and...
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    "Elliott From Earth" News & Discussions Thread (Spoilers)

    Based on what the pic stated, it is a show from CN Studios Europe UK, that was created by Guilaume Cassuto, a compositor supervisor and writer who worked on The Amazing World Of Gumball.“elliott-earth” According to the...
  11. NeoplanDan

    New Digital Shorts Series "Mr. Sheep & Sleepy Bear"

    Just another digital shorts miniseries that Nick had uploaded on their YouTube page, aside from Bug Salad. New episodes (or should i say "websodes") comes on every Friday @2PM. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    "Victor and Valentino" News & Discussion Thread If anyone can remember the series, which it had a pilot that aired or released 3 years ago, which along side with Infinity Train, that was mentioned in this years Upfront from CN that...
  13. NeoplanDan

    "CN Upfront 2018" News & Discussion Thread

    I’m expecting something new coming for this year upfront. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    "Monsters at Work" News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    According to the JustJared, it confirmed that Disney will be making a TV series based off of Monsters Inc. film as a part of the Disney Plus service in 2019, alongside with High School Musical and Star Wars. ‘Star Wars,’ ‘High School Musical,’ & ‘Monsters, Inc.’ to Get TV Series on Disney...
  15. NeoplanDan

    "Final Space" News & Discussion Thread (spoilers)

    TBS also has greenlit another animated series, created by Olan Rogers, who is also a voice actor for the two main characters, as this will join alongside with Close Enough, Tarantula, and The Cops (possible working title) which is scheduled in early 2018...
  16. NeoplanDan

    "The Cops" News & Discussion Thread

    Not only that TBS has greenlit "Close Enough", but also had greenlit one of the 3 new animated series, The Cops (a working title), which is created by Louis C.K. And Albert Brooks. Note...
  17. NeoplanDan

    "Close Enough" News and Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    For those who know J.G. Quintel, the creator of Regular Show, the show that ended In January, has created a new animated series for TBS called Close Enough, a collaboration work between Cartoon Network Studios and also Studio T. This is reported from Hollywood Reporter...
  18. NeoplanDan

    Personal Grading on a cartoon show

    Well this is the first time that I post a topic, to start off, the topic is how do you personally grade a show that you watch, whether it's from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, etc, choose which on ones that has it higher or lower. Please note that this just a grading topic, and hate...