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    Tangled Vs Frozen: Which Do You Think Is Better?

    I came across this interesting article that says why Tangled is better than Frozen. The Tangled Vs Frozen debates are quite interesting given that they're two well received movies that greatly helped out Disney. However, if you ask which movie is better, opinions are all over the place, mostly...
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    Steve Niles And Shannon Eric Denton Launch Monster Forge Productions

    Steve Niles & Shannon Eric Denton* have teamed up to create a new company called Monster Forge Productions. This company will specialize in horror projects for all ages, ranging from more fun, lighthearted kids fare to more mature adult content. There's plan for multimedia franchises like with...
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    Kirby Morrow Dead At 47

    Voice actor Kirby Morrow has died at the age of 47. It's currently unknown how he died.
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    Cars Series Supposedly In Development For Disney+

    I found this interesting article which talks about a Cars series that's reportedly in development for Disney+. It's not confirmed if this will happen, or who will be in charge of this series, but I figured this is worth talking about. It mentions Corbin Bleu voicing a character named Cam...
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    Who Would You Consider Your Favorite Current Voice For Mickey Mouse?

    Since today is Mickey's birthday, I figured this would be an interesting thing to talk about. Wayne Allwine, the long running voice for Mickey, died in 2009. As such, we've had 2 voice actors for Mickey, those being Bret Iwan (a former illustrator for Hallmark greeting cards) and Chris...
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    Stillwater (Apple TV Show)

    Stillwater is an upcoming Apple TV show based on the book Zen Shorts. It comes December 4. "Through stories and humor, Stillwater the panda helps provide “children a deeper understanding of their feelings, as well as mindfulness tools that help them face their own day-to-day challenges,”...
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    Jermaine Turner Joins Netflix Jermaine Turner, who worked at Disney Television Animation for almost 20 years as vice president of development, has left the company to help develop adult animation for Netflix.
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    Arlo The Alligator Boy

    Next year on Netflix, we will be introduced to the movie Arlo The Alligator Boy, followed by a tv show called I Love Arlo. The showrunners are Ryan Crego & Blake Lemons. Here's the description: "Upon learning that he is from New York City, a wide-eyed boy, who is half human and half alligator...
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    The Greater Good (Fox Cartoon)

    There's a Fox cartoon being made called The Greater Good. It's created by Mike Barker (co-creator of American Dad) and Stoney Sharp (who's mainly known for work at Comedy Central). The show is as follows: "Greater Good asks whether the world is worth saving. Maybe? It’s a workplace comedy about...
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    Ken Spears Dead At 82 Ken Spears, the other co-creator of Scooby Doo, has died. He was 82. Recall how Joe Ruby died back in late August.
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    Disney Parks And Make A Wish Short

    The Disney Parks Youtube channel recently released a short for Make A Wish.
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    Alex Trebek Dead At 80

    Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has died. He was 80. Alex Trebek has died at age 80
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    How Far Can Negative Continuity Go In Spongebob?

    So, Spongebob is an interesting show when it comes to continuity. It has pretty much none of that. It's a show that runs on negative continuity. Shows with negative continuity are often episodic shows that have episodes generally be one shots (or with minimal continuity) and can be watched in...
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    Sean Connery Dead At 90

    Sean Connery, best known for playing James Bond, has died today, Halloween, at the age of 90.
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    My Dad The Bounty Hunter (Netflix Series)

    A new Netflix series was announced called My Dad The Bounty Hunter. It's created by Everett Downing (director of Hair Love) and Patrick Harpin (a Sony storyboard artist, but he's also written for Clarence). The premise is as follows: "Per the show’s official logline, “My Dad the Bounty Hunter”...
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    Unicorn: Warriors Eternal

    Genndy Tartakovsky is creating a new series for Cartoon Network and HBO Max. It's called Unicorn: Warriors Eternal. Here's what it's about . "The new series follows a team of ancient...
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    Which MLP:FiM TV Special Do You Like More: Best Gift Ever Or Rainbow Road Trip?

    Near the end of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, there were 2 tv specials. There's "The Best Gift Ever" (which came out after season 8 ended) and "Rainbow Road Trip" (during the middle of season 9). The former is about our main characters trying to find the perfect gift for each other due to...
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    Hello Kitty And Friends: Super Cute Adventures

    Recently, a Hello Kitty youtube series came out called Hello Kitty And Friends: Super Cute Adventures. The show is created by Shaene Siders and Cindy Slocki. Shaene Siders has worked on DC Superhero Girls 2015, Avengers Assemble, and Niko And The Sword Of Light. Here is the writing staff. The...
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    Pacific Rim: The Black (Netflix Series)

    I'm not familiar with Pacific Rim, but this intrigues me. There's a Pacific Rim anime coming to Netflix called Pacific Rim: The Black. The showrunners are Greg Johnson & Craig Kyle, who have frequently collaborated at Marvel Animation like with X Men Evolution, Wolverine And The X Men, and many...
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    Script Coordinators In Modern Disney Cartoons (Whether Or Not By Disney TVA)

    So when it comes to modern Disney cartoons (which, for simplicity's sake, I'll say within the last 15 years), there's one distinction as to what can be considered a Disney TVA original or not. That is in the script coordinator credits. If it's a show produced by Disney Television Animation, then...