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  1. Daffyrocks

    The CORRECT order of Adventure Time episodes

    So this week, I got myself a collection of crispy and high-quality prints of all the up-to-date episodes of Adventure Time, in full 1080p that is NOT those commonly-seen online prints found everywhere on the internet, ripped from CN USA, which has that CN bug and are almost missing all the end...
  2. Daffyrocks

    Any word regarding season 5 of The Garfield Show?

    Yep. I am asking this question because I am just curious. Besides that one-off "Rodent Rebellion" special that we got in 2015, no word has been given regarding the next season of The Garfield Show. And it's been quite a long time now since the fourth season ended. Hopefully it didn't get...
  3. Daffyrocks

    Will The Tom and Jerry Show (2015) have a second season?

    Well, after the first season of The Tom and Jerry Show (2015) ended it's airing on 4th August 2014 with episode 26 ("Curse Case Scenario/Say Cheese"), still no information has been given if the show will get renewed for a second season and it's now an year since the last episode aired. I really...
  4. Daffyrocks

    Question about Cartoon Network shows?

    OK, I want to know something that it's been in my mind since recently. I know that each episode of Cartoon Network shows like Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa and Steven Universe is composed of just one 11 minute segment. But the question is: are the episodes of the CN shows Adventure Time, The...