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    What Stories do you want Disney to Adapt into a Animated Movie

    Ever since Disney canceled Gigantic The Jack And The Beanstalk Movie i have been thinking about what should the next animated Disney movie The only ones that i would Disney to adapt are Momotaro and Journey To The West

    Indivisible By Lab Zero Games/505 Games Idiegogo

    Lab Zeros Games the creators of Skullgirls are working with 505 Games in a Idiegogo campaign to create an Action RPG Video Game called Indivisible A Prototype of this game is available on PS4,Xbox One,Windows,Mac,and Linux The campaign has only 11 days left and hasn't reach it's goal donate at...

    Greatest Funniest Character nominations

    It's time to bring back the Greatest Thread in the Fun and Games section This nomination is for Greatest Funniest Character and their will be 130 nominates People will get to nominate any funny character from any TV show,Movie,Anime,Video Games,and Books The only rule is to nominate funny...

    Dial H 2012 Series Talkback(Spoilers)

    This thread is for the New 52 Second Wave DC Comic Book series Dial H a new version of the Dial H For Hero series,New comics come the first Wednesday of the month Dial H#1 Written By China Meiville Drawn By Mateus Santolouco • A brand new series by bestselling and Hugo award winning novelist...

    Greatest Food Ever!

    We have movies,television,music,video games, and books Now first time we have the Greatest Food Ever :anime: Food List for matches we will have 2 matches a day updates will happen at night time around 5PM if there is a tie the food will go to the megatiebreaker match when the Round is over...

    Who would you like to be the main star in Brave/Bold Spinoff?

    What if they got a Brave And Bold spinoff cartoon and instead of Batman they got a different DC Hero to be the main character of the Spinoff cartoon Who would like to be the main star of the Brave And Bold spinoff cartooon? My choices are Plasticman- He has unique super powers and he is funny...

    Greatest Episode Ever 2 Nomination Thread

    This the nomination thread for Greatest Episode Ever 2 You can nominate any TV show(any cartoon,live action,anime,and other foreign shows like Doctor Who and Kamen Rider) Nominate 10 episodes Limit from picking episodes from a show will be 8 so that way we won't the same show have all the...

    Greatest Food Ever Nomination Thread

    This is the nomination thread for Greatest Food Ever :anime: nominate all kinds of food but no drinks and it must be real The total of nominations is 64,for now nominate 8 foods 1.Pizza 2.Tempura Chicken 3.Teriyaki Noodles 4.Cheese Fries 5.Grilled Cheese Sandwich 6.French Toast 7.BLT 8.Asiago...

    Greatest Manga/Anime Villain Ever!

    We got Comic Book villains,Video Game villains,and now we have Villains from Manga and Anime :anime: Here's the list of villains in random Piedmon Chaos (Sonic X) Marik (Yu-Gi-Oh) Kira Yoshikage(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4) Halekulani(Bobobo-Bo) Eneru Professor Tomoe (Sailor Moon S)...
  10. HEATXZ

    Greatest Manga/Anime Villain Ever Nomination Thread

    This the nomination thread for Greatest Manga/Anime Villain Ever nominate villains from Manga and Anime only The Total of nominations is 130, you can nominate 10 villains 1. Super Buu 2. Eneru 3.Giga 4.Kisame 5.Grimmjow 6.Baron Ashura 7.Racer(Fairy Tail) 8.Kaku 9.Myotismon 10.Baldy Bald/Tsuru...
  11. HEATXZ

    Greatest Episode Ever!

    We talk about Great shows but what about the episodes that make the shows great Ladies and Gentlemen i give you Greatest Episode Ever!!! :anime: Episode List We will have 2 matches everyday,Pick one from each,You can choose the watch the episodes before deciding which one you want to vote or...
  12. HEATXZ

    Greatest Episode Ever nomination thread

    This the nomination thread for Greatest Episode Ever You can nominate any TV show(any cartoon,live action,anime,and other foreign shows like Doctor Who and Kamen Rider W) Nominate 8 episodes Limit from picking episodes from a show will be 6 so that way we won't the same show have all the...
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    Greatest Robotic Character Ever!

    Robots,Cyborgs,Androids,Giant Robots,Robots that can transform into cars,Robots that transform into animals, and Robots that can sing the Doom song Welcome to the Greatest Robotic character ever! :anime: 1. Optimus Prime 2. R2D2 3.Iron Tager(BlazBlue) 4.Soundwave 5.Franky(One Piece) 6.Gurren...
  14. HEATXZ

    Greatest Robotic character nomination thread

    Nominate any Robot,Android,and Cyborg character from any cartoon,manga/anime,video games,movie,Tv Show,comics, or books 5 characters for each person 1. Optimus Prime 2. R2D2 3.Iron Tager(BlazBlue) 4.Soundwave 5.Franky(One Piece) 6.Gurren Lagann 7.Rhinox 8.Cyborg 009 9.GaoGaiGar 10.Huitzil...
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    4Gregs is the new short of Homestarrunner,It's about 4 guys named Greg they each have a different interest(Sci Fi,Anime,Dungeon and Dragons,and Internet) and they go to a Football,They are like the Male versions of Teen Girl Squad and there hilarious XD
  16. HEATXZ

    Greatest Manga/Anime Ever!

    This is the Greatest Manga/Anime Ever :anime: Here are the nominations 1.Dragonball Z 2.Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo 3.One Piece 4.BLEACH 5.Fairy Tail 6.Gintama 7.Keroro Gunso(SGT.Frog) 8.Buso Renkin 9.Ranma 1/2 10.Soul Eater 11.Yu Yu Hakusho 12.Berserk 13.Monster 14.Akira 15.Trigun 16.Lupin the III...
  17. HEATXZ

    Which DC Hero or Heroes (Not Superman, Batman, Nor WW) should get a new cartoon?

    If DC makes a another DC cartoon show but it's not Superman,Batman,nor Wonder Woman what would it be? I would like Green Lantern,Flash,Metamorpho,Booster Gold,Plasticman,JSA,Blue Beetle, and Captain Marvel(Shazam) EDIT:I made a mistake i forgot about to press yes on the Poll EDIT2 Poll is added...
  18. HEATXZ

    Greatest Manga/Anime Ever:Nomination thread

    I'm starting Nominations for The Greatest Manga/Anime Ever thread,Nominate your favorite Anime or Manga series New or Old and it has to be made in Japan(So no Avatar nor Teen Titans) and you can use animes or mangas that haven't come to the US,Edit:You can also do Anime movies The Total will be...
  19. HEATXZ

    Coming up next Nood for 6Teen

    Since 6Teen is coming to Cartoon Network which character should be the Coming up next Nood for 6Teen I'm going with Jonesy or Jude
  20. HEATXZ

    King of Fighters 12

    The King of Fighters series continues with there new game King of Fighters 12(XII) King of Fighters 12 has new 2D graphics,The game will be available for PS3 and Xbox360,Characters confirm so far are Ryo Sakazaki Robert Garcia Ralf Jones Kim Kaphwan Kyo Kusanagi Benimaru Nikaido Goro Daimon...