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    Sony Pictures Animation to Make more PG-13 and R-rated movies

    I also support Sony making PG-13/R Rated Animated Movies :D

    TALKBACK - Steven Universe Future - Episodes 18-20 [3/27] *SERIES FINALE PARTS II-IV*

    Great Final Episodes :D Great to see Spinal again Steven Universe is one of the Best Modern Cartoon Network Show and i will miss it

    TALKBACK - Craig of the Creek - "Craig and the Kid's Table" [11/23] *HALF HOUR THANKSGIVING SPECIAL*

    Great Special Episode :D My favorite part is the scene with Gus The Cat XD

    "Klaus" News and Discussion thread (Spoilers)

    This looks awesome :D The 2D Animation looks great plus it has JK Simmons as the voice of Santa

    Spongebob Squarepants Spin-Offs in Development

    The only SpondgeBob Spin off Ideas i have are Sandy In Texas,Mermaidman And BarnacleBoy,and Phankton At Evil College

    "Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Series Talkback (Spoilers)

    The Evil League Of Mutants is an awesome episode :D

    Transformers: Cyberverse

    My favorite thing about Transformers Cyberverse is that there are no Human characters :D

    Shout! Factory to release Sentai DVDs

    Awesome to have Super Sentai DVDs in the USA plus including Jetman a season that didn't get adapted into Power Rangers Looking forward to see Gokaiger on DVD in a few years,It would be awesome if we can get Kamen Rider DVDs :D

    TALKBACK - Adventure Time - Come Along With Me - *SERIES FINALE* [9/3]

    Awesome Finale :D My favorite part is that Princess Bubblegum and Marceline finally kissed Adventure Time was a great show
  10. HEATXZ

    The Aquabats! Super Show! returns via Kickstarter.

    Great to see The Aquabats are funded they got pass the second goal :D
  11. HEATXZ

    "Craig of the Creek" News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    Nice to see Craig Of The Creek get a Season 2 :D
  12. HEATXZ

    TALKBACK - Steven Universe - Episodes 147-152 *HEART OF THE CRYSTAL GEMS* [7/2-7/6]

    Reunited Episode was Awesome :D Also great that Bismuth is back
  13. HEATXZ

    C&C - Hunter x Hunter - "Ikalgo × and × Lightning" [6/30]

    Great to have LittleKuriboh to voice act in a English Dub(He voices Ortho Brother)
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    The Return of Animated Shows to the Disney Channel

    It's great that the Disney Channel will get to have Cartoons again Now Pokemon and the Marvel Cartoons need to be moved next
  15. HEATXZ

    TALKBACK - The Amazing World of Gumball - "The Shippening" - [4/20]

    This episode was hilarious XD My favorite parts are the OCs and the Shipping
  16. HEATXZ

    TALKBACK - OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes - "You're In Control" - [4/6]*HALF-HOUR SPECIAL* *SEASON FINALE*

    Awesome Episode :D The action scenes were amazing plus the unexpected twist ending
  17. HEATXZ

    TALKBACK - Craig of the Creek - Episodes 3-6 [3/30 (Online) 3/31-4/2 (TV)]

    Craig Of The Creek is an amazing cartoon :D My favorite episode is The Final Book
  18. HEATXZ

    Does anyone here actually still read comics?

    Yes i still read comics so i can see more of my favorite heroes
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    What Stories do you want Disney to Adapt into a Animated Movie

    Ever since Disney canceled Gigantic The Jack And The Beanstalk Movie i have been thinking about what should the next animated Disney movie The only ones that i would Disney to adapt are Momotaro and Journey To The West
  20. HEATXZ

    The current shows are ending

    Maybe we will get New Marvel Cartoons on the Disney Streaming website thats coming soon