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  1. Sparkster24

    New Animated Projects Based on Disney Classics in the Works On Disney+

    Ooh, a Fantasia series could be pretty cool if it happens. Though it does make me rather curious on what they would do for a Cheshire Cat and Jiminy Cricket series conceptually.
  2. Sparkster24

    "Freeform" Network Talkback (Formerly ABC Family)

    So amongst the Christmas line-up, the most interesting part of this is that "Cricket on the Hearth" is apart of it for one airing. When was the last time they re-ran that special?
  3. Sparkster24

    "Jellystone" (HBO Max) News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    This could be very interesting, it's good to see them bringing back some of the Hanna-Barbera characters in a show. I'm rather hopeful for this especially with C.H. Greenblatt being involved for the series.
  4. Sparkster24

    "Steven Universe" News and Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    Ooh.. a new TV movie! :3 This will be interesting, looking forward especially coming after the last StevenBomb.
  5. Sparkster24

    New Cartoon Network Pilots

    That is true, though I recall it being just the one trademark.. i'm guessing it's so they can still maintain the rights. This is a different case as usually when they put up five trademarks of something new, it usually means it's likely getting the greenlight. This happens to other shows before...
  6. Sparkster24

    "Elliott From Earth" News & Discussions Thread (Spoilers)

    Nice to see another CN original coming from the UK. I don't have much to say about it other than it looks cute, and that the premise could be interesting. :) Intrigued to see more about this one when it gets close.
  7. Sparkster24

    Universal Kids (formerly Sprout) (TALKBACK)

    That's because none of them have been confirmed to air (especially when there was no source given), not saying that they aren't happening at all (some of them could happen if they do acquired), but there would need to be a legit source for that stuff. Wikipedia is a site that can certainly be...
  8. Sparkster24

    Universal Kids (formerly Sprout) (TALKBACK)

    Slightly off-topic, but knowing Dreamworks Animation announcing their two new shows coming to Amazon Prime. Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny is definitely a shue-in for Universal Kids in the near future.
  9. Sparkster24

    Universal Kids (formerly Sprout) (TALKBACK)

    I've always felt that the Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show was a great contender for the channel. So that's really good news. ^^ I hope the same could be for Voltron, even if I've seen those two.
  10. Sparkster24

    New Cartoon Network Pilots

    I should've added this in the previous reply, but for those that aren't aware. Usually, Cartoon Network would about five trademarks for a certain show. Which usually makes a much likely chance it'll be picked up.
  11. Sparkster24

    New Cartoon Network Pilots

    While it's not official yet, this is pretty major to bring up! Infinity Train has five trademarks on the Trademarkia site!
  12. Sparkster24

    Happy 25th Anniversary, Cartoon Network!

    Stay tuned during the very start of Cartoon Network.. something pretty special will happen.
  13. Sparkster24

    Cartoon Network June 2017 Premiere Info

    Welp, we're now getting Surf's Up 2: Wavemania premiering in June according to CN's backdoor schedule.
  14. Sparkster24

    Lauren Faust developing new series

    If it turns out to be SBFF.. something tells me it'll be on the upcoming DC paid service as they are with Young Justice and that live-action Titans series.
  15. Sparkster24

    Boomerang (US) News & Discussion II: Rebrand

    Well, we have a brand new PROMO for My Knight and Me made for Boomerang.. and it is EPIC! (you'll see why).
  16. Sparkster24

    Boomerang Fantasy Schedule Thread

    This is what I mean if they we're to manage this kind of schedule here similar to the one coming up. Weekdays: 3:00am Looney Tunes 4:00am Tom & Jerry 5:00am Sonic Boom 5:30am Transformers: Robots in Disguise 6:00am Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc. x2 7:00am The Garfield Show x2 8:00am Peanuts 8:30am...
  17. Sparkster24

    Boomerang Schedule Changes/Updates

    My only gripe with the schedule is they overely a bit too much on their classics over the new acquisitions. Sure, it gives better timeslots to the classics, and it's not bad as removing the new stuff off the line-up anyway sort of like this March. But at the same time, they could've added some...
  18. Sparkster24

    Boomerang (US) News & Discussion II: Rebrand

    The weekends lately have usually stayed consistent with it's weekday line-up (with a few exceptions). But it's basically who knows.. on the plus side, at least they've finally managed to bring back a few "new" ones in the mix (even if it does get overshadowed unfortunately).
  19. Sparkster24

    Boomerang (US) News & Discussion II: Rebrand

    Well, we finally got the new schedule.. and there are some good and bad in this schedule. The good is that they are bringing back some new cartoons and Grizzly and the Lemmings might officially premiere this time! The bad however, is some old is being chopped down with less variety. Here's our...
  20. Sparkster24

    Boomerang Schedule Changes/Updates

    I seriously doubt that they'll just be silent on this channel to shut it down and just open the subscription service like that. It's probably going to be like the last time. It'll be around Thursday or Friday to update the schedule, then it repeats the same format each month over until we...