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    Black Clover - "A Young Man's Vow" [12/9]

    Here's a thread for it.
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    C&C - Black Clover - "Asta and Yuno" [12/2]

    Didn't see a thread for this, so... A tale of two brothers... Geez, Asta, nuns can't marry.
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    C&C - Naruto Shippuden - "The Power to Believe" [5/13]

    Guess I'm starting this one. Danzo's sinking his talons... In Naruto, Tsunade trusts.
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    Dragonball Z Kai: Avenge the Fallen, Goku! Countdown to the Planet's Destruction!

    Still no thread about tonight's episode? Frieza's five minutes. Riiiiiight...
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    C&C - Soul Eater - "Charge Baba Yaga's Castle! Things Are Kind of Gloomy?" [1/11]

    Had to start this one too. Didn't see one.
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    C&C - Soul Eater - "The Cards are Cut - Medusa Surrenders to the DWMA?" [11/30]

    Didn't see it posted. Last time: Crona confesses, Medusa surrenders.
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    C&C - FLCL - Series Talkback

    I didn't see one put up yet, so I decided to. It's the Toonami premiere after all, and a little past the tenth anniversary of its first American airing. Episode 1: Fooly Cooly Naota's ordinary life is interrupted when Haruka hits him on the head with her guitar. Crazy s*** happens...
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    Looking for a certain Nintendo Power commercial

    I just got the final issue today. I asked this question before on the Nintendo Power RIP thread, but got no answer. As I said there, it shows a guy in front of a set of monitors (Nintendo HQ?), and he says: "Sure, check out Nintendo Power. It gives you all the info you need ... before you...
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    C&C - Bleach - "Crown of Lies, Barragan's Grudge" [11/24]

    I don't see a Bleach thread for this week yet, so I might as well start now. Looks like we get some Barragan backstory.
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    One Year Since Toonami's Final Broadcast

    I tried searching for this subject to see if any else posted a thread, but couldn't find one (plus the Toonami section seems to be gone for good). So I decided to mention this here: It was a year ago on this very day when Toonami aired its final broadcast and TOM sailed off into the sunset...
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    January 28...

    Today's January 28. It is of course remembered as the day in 1986 on which the Challenger tragedy occured. However, it is also on this day in the Death Note universe that Plus, the manga version ended on Jan. 28, 2011, which would mark the 25th anniversary of the tragedy. I'm sure it's just a...
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    IGN's Top 100 Animated TV Series - Anime

    IGN's doing a top 100 list for the best cartoons of all time: And they've got some anime shows in there: As a lot of comments say on that page, it doesn't really look like a true list; they seem to be basing it on nostalgia more...
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    So I was watching Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood the other night...

    ...and I see Matt Hill's name in the credits. Sure enough, it was definitely the voice actor with Corey Feldman at the beginning of the movie. Every time he spoke, I kept thinking of Kira Yamato!
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    So what did you do on the first Saturday in the post-Toonami world?

    I don't know if this was started in another thread, but there's just so many of them and I'm too lazy to try and find it. Anyway, I skipped the Spiderman movie (saw it a hundred times) and instead watched the encore of Heroes' Season 3 premiere (skipped it on Monday 'cause I was recording Lost...
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    Ghost in the Shell Anime Legends Problem

    I got the Ghost in the Shell Anime Legends set the other day but there's a problem: one of the discs is in DTS sound instead of 5.1 Dolby like all the other discs. My stereo system can't play DTS so I can't hear the Japanese track, only English Stereo. It looks like I'll have to exchange it...
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    I want to get the Cowboy Bebop Collection as soon as it comes out, but...

    ...I'm afraid some of the discs may be defective like in Gundam Seed Collection I, which I had to mail some of the discs to Bandai for replacements a couple weeks ago after trying to exchange them (still waiting for them in the mail): Discs 2 and 3 wouldn't play on some players, and on the ones...
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    Big O Anime Legends Opening Changed?

    It's been several months since Big O got an Anime Legends release and I got mine today. I couldn't find another thread about this here, so I thought I'd ask. I only watched the first disc, expecting to hear the Queen-like opening, but it isn't there! Instead it's a completely different song...
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    Gundam Seed Boxset?

    Any news on a Gundam Seed boxset being released? It's been at least a year since the final volume came out, and it's pretty much impossbile for me to find all 10 volumes available once. I liked the show when it was on CN and I want to own it uncut, but I'm also wondering if Bandai's giving up...
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    Pandora's Cube Question

    I go to Pandora’s Cube quite often to buy things I can’t find anywhere else. I recently heard that they can match or beat prices of anime from other stores like Best Buy. Is this true? I’m a little nervous over the X-Box fiasco from a while back and am wondering if they are doing this legitimately.
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    Paranoia Agent Promo

    Is that Steven Blum raving like a madman in the background? You must not run away from him. You must not turn your back on him. He comes after those who are trapped in a corner and have nowhere to turn(?) You must not talk about him. You must not think about him. <couldn't understand the next...