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  1. RegularCapital

    Mighty Magiswords To Air On CITV (UK)

    British free-to-air children's channel CITV will be airing Cartoon Network's Mighty Magiswords from this Friday (6th April). You thought this was an April Fool didn't you? You should know full well I wouldn't do such a thing ;)
  2. RegularCapital

    We've Been Lied To, There Is More Than One Cartoon Network!

    All along, we've been lied to, there is actually more than one Cartoon Network! There's also more than one Adventure Time apparently. Also in order to receive Boomerang, you have to own an actual Boomerang, rumour has it that in the United States, Boomerangs are few and far between and...
  3. RegularCapital

    Dreamworks to launch a TV channel in Asia

    DreamWorks Animation is going to launch a 24/7 kids and family TV channel in 19 countries across Asia. The channel will launch in the second half of 2015. All Hail King Julien and The Adventures of Puss in Boots and new seasons of How to Train Your Dragon will run on the network as well as...
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    Dish Network has dropped Cartoon Network (and other TBS operated channels)

    Not entirely sure where to put this thread as it affects so many different kinds of channels: From the press release:
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    Michael Ouweleen Named Chief Marketing Officer For Cartoon Network

    Originally from Michael Ouweleen has been appointed as chief marketing officer for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Boomerang, it was announced today by the newly...
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    General International TV Channels Thread

    Hello and welcome to the General International TV Channels thread. :) Here you can discuss other channels from around the world including TV Shows, Promos, Rebrands (Past, Present and Future), Advertisements, Channel Launches and Removals, Schedules and other technical aspects such as DOG's...
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    Abandoned Cartoon Network "MallNation" Project Revealed

    Yesterday, news of an abandoned Cartoon Network project was released to public by its creators Michael DeForge and Ryan Sands, the proposed show was called "MallNation" it stalled at the storyboard phase and a pilot episode was never made. Cartoon Network decided not to go ahead producing the...
  8. RegularCapital

    Nickelodeon USA New Website (in Beta)

    Nickelodeon USA's New Website (in Beta) Nickelodeon USA is currently developing a new website for their channel and people are able to view the website while it's in the beta development stage. The website can be accessed at Nick Games, Episodes, Characters & Pictures |...
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    Vishnu Athreya Named VP Programming Scheduling At Cartoon Network, Boomerang

    Vishnu Athreya has been appointed as the VP of program scheduling for Cartoon Network and Boomerang in the U.S. - TV Kids - Articles Still no news about Stuart Snyder's replacement yet.