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  1. BattleForBFDIFan4

    Is it me or does Warner Bros. Love To Use Self Aware Humor These Days?!?!?!

    As the title speaks itself. Warner Brothers nowadays DO LOVE TO USE the self-aware humor especially since the 2010s or earlier. Who started this joke?
  2. BattleForBFDIFan4

    This needs to be stop!

    Every time, just every single time. Networks always love to replace usually older animated shows into their stupid adored bt the network reality tv shows or live action original programming. When this stuff will be stop?
  3. BattleForBFDIFan4

    Object Shows

    There are ALOT of shows that has the trend named "Object Shows". If you knew this shows, then you might know BFDI, BFB, Inanimate Insanity, Shape World, Challenge To Win, Object Terror, and alot more. Which one is your favorite?
  4. BattleForBFDIFan4

    What Cartoon Short Of Speedy Gonzales Is This?

    Excuse me, if you know all the Looney Tunes shorts, you can tell me the short. I need your help, what Speedy Gonzales short is this?
  5. BattleForBFDIFan4

    Are The Dark Ages Of Animation Really That Dark?

    I'm talking about the cartoons from the 70's (I delisted the 60's because some people complained about it) until the early 80's like the TV Animation, The Decline of Thetrical Animation, and everthing else. Is it as bad as everyone thinks or some of them are legendary stuff. Don't get me wrong...
  6. BattleForBFDIFan4

    Will there be the sencond dark age of animations lately?

    Lately there is alot on controversy in cartoons like the reboots, the cal-arts style and everything else. It feels like those new cartoons of old cartoons from the 70s and 80s. Also, if there is a new dark ages of animation should it be called THE DULL AGES OF ANIMATIONS. (2020-present).
  7. BattleForBFDIFan4

    Why do networks replace cartoons with their original live action programing

    This happens to some of the networks almost most of the time. They replaced their cartoon or sometimes anime programming block with a stupid original live action programming block! Usually they do that to their older cartoons or the anime in general. Can't they just stop it, it pisses me off...
  8. BattleForBFDIFan4

    Network Programing Block Issue

    I felt like I need to ask this thing again! By the way, in RJ TV (Which is a music channel) airs a classic cartoon block on the afternoon, and they air cartoons from the 30s to 90s like Felix The Cat, Looney Tunes, Betty Boop, Merry Melodies, Comicolor, Superman, Little Lulu, Little Audrey...
  9. BattleForBFDIFan4

    I have a couple questions...

    There used to be a block in RJTV where they used to air old cartoons from the 20th century like Looney Tunes, Merry Melodies, Popeye, Pink Panther, Betty Boop, Maledine, Little Lulu and Little Audrey, Stunt Dawgs, Crusader Rabbit, Dennis The Menance, Hanna Barbera Cartoons, Comicolor, 40s...