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    Animation on FOX Talkback 2020-2021 (Spoilers)

    I liked the Halloween speical. My favorite short was the Homer-verse short.
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    "Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Disney+)" Season Two Talkback (Spoilers)

    It was a great start to the season. It's good to see baby Yoda again. 9/10.
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    CN Ratings Part 17

    Both shows did better.
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    CN Ratings Part 17

    Both shows did worse than last time.
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    CN Ratings Part 17

    Craig of the Creek did better.
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    CN Ratings Part 17

    Apple and Onion improved while Victor and Valentino did worse.
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    New “Rugrats” News & Discussion Thread

    The animation is not that bad. It looks pretty good.
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    "Lego Star Wars Holiday Special" Coming to Disney+

    Let's hope this holiday special is better than the Star Wars Holiday Special.
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    Nick Animation Hires New VP, Current Series; Makes Three Promotions

    I like this new hiring by Nick.
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    Xbox News and Discussion thread

    That's a big move by Microsoft.
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    CN Ratings Part 17

    We Bare Bears Movie did good.
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    The Loud House News and Discussion Thread 2

    I'm not surpised it got renewed for a Season 6. It continues to do well in the ratings.
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    New “Rugrats” News & Discussion Thread

    I'm glad he recovered from COVID-19.
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    Which Nicktoon Was More Popular In 2001: Rugrats OR SpongeBob SquarePants?

    I think Rugrats was still more popular in 2001. I do think however, after 2001, SpongeBob got more popular than Rugrats.
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    "Black Panther 2" Pre-Release News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    RIP to Chadwick. He was a great actor and did a excellent job doing Black Panther.
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    Is HBO Max where CN's future lies?

    I don't think it is right now but eventually it will be.
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    Disney Channel Cancellation/Renewal Thread

    It's great to see Amphibia get renewed for Season 3. It's a very good show.
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    Nickelodeon Cancellation/Renewal Thread

    It's Pony is a good cartoon. It's great it got renewed!