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  1. Silverstar

    What do you enjoy about comedy cartoons?

    You knew it was coming. Since we've gotten a thread for folks to state what they like about action cartoons, I figured it was only fair to play the other side of the coin and create a similar thread for fans of comedy cartoons. I know comedy's been getting kind of a bad rap on the internet...
  2. Silverstar

    What do people want from Boomerang?

    I rarely start threads (and with good reason), but this has been on my mind lately, and I'd like to address it. Mods, if this is a redundant subject, feel free to delete, close or merge this thread as needed. It seems that when it comes to Boomerang, Turner and its' parent companies can't win...
  3. Silverstar

    Viacom Launches New Channel, "NickAds"

    Viacom is pleased to announce the launch of its' its' newest cable channel, NickAds. NickAds will feature no TV shows, live-action or animated, and focus on what people really want to see: 24 hours of nonstop commercials, all day, every day, until the end of time. The new channel will be...
  4. Silverstar

    Cartoon Network Airport Ads

    I was randomly surfing the net this morning and I came across these ads from 2011. Anybody else seen these? Did they air on TV? 'Cause I've never seen them.
  5. Silverstar

    The Tweaks/Nitpicks Thread

    We've all experienced moments while watching a cartoon show or a movie--even one which we really like--where the creators go in one direction where we would've gone in a completely different direction. This is the thread for discussing those minor nitpicks we have and tweaks which we would make...
  6. Silverstar

    Young Justice Question: When will Superboy "Evolve"?

    I rarely create threads, but this question's been on my mind lately, so I'll pose it: I'm enjoying Young Justice on Cartoon Network, but 1 issue has been bugging me: even after so many episodes, Superboy's powers still haven't developed beyond leaping just great heights and distances and...
  7. Silverstar

    Favorite Looney Tune

    I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the Warner Brothers Club, but since The Looney Tunes Show has been generating a lot of talk lately, I figured it could go here. (If I'm wrong, mods, please move this.) Anyway, all of the recent Looney Tunes discussions have made me curious as to who...
  8. Silverstar

    Sega RingEdge: Should It Happen?

    As I'm sure many gamers already know, this year there have been rumors circulating about Sega returning to the console biz with a system tentatively called the RingEdge. It's all just rumor now, of course, but I figured I'd ask those in the know: what do you all think of this? Should it...
  9. Silverstar

    "They Had Such Potential!"

    This thread is dedicated to all of the animated shows, movies and characters that seemed strong in the conception, but lost something in the execution. Which animated items can you remember showing promise, but not living up to that potential? For me, one such show is Hero: 108. From the moment...
  10. Silverstar

    The Minor/Lesser Character Appreciation Thread

    I hope this isn't a redundant thread. I checked the first few pages and didn't see a thread similar to it. Inspired by the Waluigi fan thread in the Video Games forum, this thread is to give props to all of those characters who don't receive the lion's share of the attention from writers and...
  11. Silverstar

    Boomerang/Teeltoon Retro Meger Announced

    It finally happened. Americans who long for Teletoon Retro and Canadians who long for Boomerang can now rejoice. After many years of negotiating, America's Turner Broadcasting and Canada's CBC have managed to merge their 2 popular classic animation channels into a single entity, which will air...
  12. Silverstar

    RIP, Arnold Stang

    Arnold Stang, perhaps best known to our generation as the voice of Hanna-Barbera's Top Cat, has passed away. He was 91. He had a long, distinguished career and had a very notable voice and look. He will be missed. My respects.
  13. Silverstar

    "Batman: The Brave & the Bold" or "Super Hero Squad"?

    Hi, all. I wasn't sure whether to put this in the DC or Marvel Animation threads, so I decided to put this here since both shows air on Cartoon Network. Mods, feel free to move this if necessary. Presently, Toon runs both Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Marvel's Super Hero Squad Show, 2...
  14. Silverstar

    The Venture Brothers: Favorite Characters?

    No prizes for guessing, this is the flipside to FightingDreamer's Least Favorite Character Thread. Tell us your favorite VB characters and why. For me, it's: Dr. Venture: He's neurotic, bitter, shameless and a failure, but he's also funny as all get out. His snide remarks remind me of myself...
  15. Silverstar

    Is Cable Really "The Problem" Of What's Ailing Sat AM Cartoons on Broadcast TV?

    Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by "cable is part of the problem, not the solution". What 'problem' are you referring to?? Anyway, it's your fantasy money and you can do whatever you want with it, but wouldn't it be easier to make just 1 channel that runs all 3 of these schedules...
  16. Silverstar

    Only Children in Animation

    As we all know, many cartoon kids have a sibling or two to bounce lines/scenes/conflict off of; as such, only children in animation are somewhat rare. However, just because a sub-group is in the minority doesn't mean that they don't exist. This thread is for acknowledging those few cartoon kids...
  17. Silverstar

    Will there ever be a 'Mascot Renaissance'?

    As we all know, the '80's and '90's were the era of video game mascot characters, as epitomized in the '90's game standard, the Mascot Platformer. This movement has given gaming a few megastars (Mario, Sonic, Link, Kirby, Lara Croft, Samus Aran), some moderately successful stars (Earthworm Jim...
  18. Silverstar

    The Jerks of Online Forums

    Saw this on MSN. Thought it might be good for a chuckle: I think we've all encountered one or more of these at some point during our online adventures. I've actually been 1 or 2 of them myself at various stages, so...
  19. Silverstar

    "If it weren't for that guy..."

    Have you ever watched a show and thought to yourself, "If it wasn't for that character, this show would be perfect"? Has the presence of one annoying, inappropriate, unfunny or uninteresting character ruined your viewing experience of what would otherwise be an enjoyable program? This thread is...
  20. Silverstar

    "The Powerpuff Girls" land on Boomerang

    Just saw a promo on Thanksgiving night; The Powerpuff Girls will be moving to Boomerang starting December 15th. Comments?