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  1. Mr. Daniel

    Cartoons That Got Dumber as they Got Along

    We all know these types of cartoons. The ones that start off fun, witty, and charming but then get dumbed down probably for multiple reasons. Spongebob is a prime example of this, the show started off just that but is now...just that. But instead of bashing Spongebob, I'm going to give what I...
  2. Mr. Daniel

    Anime Episode Titles are Basically Sentences

    This is a weird thing I've noticed about anime. A lot of the episodes have super long titles. Like, a sentence long. Seriously, take Dragon Ball Z for example. Titles like "Don't Cry, Gohan! His First Fight" and "The Saiyans, Mightiest Warriors in the Universe, Awaken!" I've also seen this with...
  3. Mr. Daniel

    Is this era of Television Animation Ending?

    Seriously. Gravity Falls: Gone. Legend of Korra: Gone: Also, Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, and Adventure Time are all ending soon. It seems that time has flown so fast. What many consider to be one of the best ages of television animation in the past few decades seems it's coming to...
  4. Mr. Daniel

    Social Justice Movements and Their Effect on the Animation Industry

    Does anybody notice a new slew of Animated TV Series or Movies with gay characters? Shows and Movies like Steven Universe, Legend of Korra, and How to Train Your Dragon all have gay characters. And that's okay. But what gets me a bit on edge is when people are calling for Elsa to have a...
  5. Mr. Daniel

    Most Misleading Animated Movie(s)?

    For what I mean by this. I mean a animated movie that had totally different advertisements, marketing, or anything like that then compared to the actual movie. Now with that out of the way. I'd say Brave was one of those (animated) movies. It was hyped up to be a thrilling adventure. And instead...
  6. Mr. Daniel

    Current Cartoons That Will Develop a Huge Following After it ends

    Sorry for the convoluted title, but for what I mean by this. I mean a current show or movie (or a show that just ended). show that you think will develop a really big following after it ended. Even if it might not popular at the time. Now with that out of the way. Here are some of mine (and some...
  7. Mr. Daniel

    What Type of Ads do you Get on this site?

    MMORPG. LOTS of MMORPG. Oh, and ads for a Bleach PC Game.
  8. Mr. Daniel

    Cartoons with one (or more) redeeming quality

    Sorry to explain myself AGAIN. But what I mean by this is that a cartoon you have a disliking or indifference for but their is one thing about that cartoon that stands out to you as (somewhat) redeemable. Now with that said. I can think of one instance where this has happened to me. That being...
  9. Mr. Daniel

    Aging in Western Animation

    Does anybody notice in (at least) Western Animation, especially in Long Running Cartoons, barley anyone ages? It's pretty obvious why some cartoons do this (Status Quo is God) but I've always found it interesting when people would age in Animated TV and Movie Series. I can only really think of a...
  10. Mr. Daniel

    Cartoons That Exploded Out of Nowhwere

    For what I mean by this, I mean a cartoon that laid low during pre-production and but everyone was talking and raving about when it came out. Now with out of the way. Here are mine (and some examples). Zootopia: Everyone thought it was going to be a cute animal movie. But the ones who saw it...
  11. Mr. Daniel

    Cory in the House is the Best Anime

    I said it. Come at me you DBZ Fanboys and Narutards!
  12. Mr. Daniel

    Worst Season/Arc/Movie Entrie For A Cartoon

    For what I mean by this. I mean a show, good or bad, that had several seasons but had a terrible, terrible season or two. I'm also going to count movies, but they obviously have to be a franchise. Anime counts to. Now here are some of mine (and some examples). Sword Art Online (Fairy Dance...
  13. Mr. Daniel

    How Often do you Change Your Avatar/Thumbnail?

    Once every 2-3 months. And/or whenever I get bored with my old one.
  14. Mr. Daniel

    Cartoon/Anime Characters That Got Flanderized/Degraded the Worst

    If you know what Flanderization and being degraded means. Then you know what this thread is going to be all about. Which characters got the worst Flanderization. Now here are some of mine (And some examples) Asuna Yuki (Sword art Online) – She was okay and somewhat well written character in the...
  15. Mr. Daniel

    FIFA vs PES

    As a huge fan of football/soccer and Video Games, People are split between FIFA and PES. I enjoy both FIFA and PES as someone who plays both, I’m Basically going to name to pros of each one. PES - More fluid game play – easier to make a standing tackle and - National Teams – PES...
  16. Mr. Daniel

    Cartoons You've Changed Your Opinion On

    For what I mean by this, I mean a cartoon that you've had an significant opinion on but your opinion of the series or movie changed as time went on (It can be any type of an opinion). With that said, here are some of mine (and some examples) Spongebob (Loved it to Hating it): When I was 9, I...
  17. Mr. Daniel

    Anime(s) With The Most Tolerable Filler

    Naruto. Just kidding! Oh, and if you're wondering. Gintama because they are kind of creative IMO.
  18. Mr. Daniel

    Cartoons That Have Developed a Surprisingly Decent Following

    For what I mean by this (Sorry if I'm explaining myself. I just LOVE to explain), I mean a Cartoon TV Series or Movie that you didn't know had a big or decent number of followers until you found it did. Now with that out of the way, I'm surprised that Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir...
  19. Mr. Daniel

    Cartoons With the Most Wasted Potential

    For what I mean by this, I mean anything, ANYTHING cartoon related (Characters, studios, movie, tv series, storylines etc. etc.) that had amazing potential but never really reached it. With that out of the way, Here are some of mine (and some examples) Blue Sky Studios: Remember back in '02...
  20. Mr. Daniel

    Favorite User on This Site (that isn't you)

    Who is your favorite user on this site and why? Personally, @SaneMan is my fave. Mainly because he seems like a cool guy that knows his stuff.