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    Why is Scrappy Doo hated in the Scooby Doo community?

    The episodes are slapstick comedy. Sort of like the old cartoons (the theatrical era, and early TV up to the 60's). I think it's interesting to see them in that new setting, and Shaggy and Scooby are still their same old selves, being frightful and trying to flee.
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    Why is Scrappy Doo hated in the Scooby Doo community?

    I see the season before Scrappy as what you described for Shaggy and Scooby, as Fred and the girls were always sending them out to do the dangerous stuff, and kept sending them right back out as soon as they came back together. Scrappy might as well have been added already, and Shaggy and Scooby...
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    Why is Scrappy Doo hated in the Scooby Doo community?

    Don't know how I missed this thread from way back in '04. Just saw a screenshot of it in this video: Never thought of Scooby Goes Hollywood as the catalyst for the format change! (Of course, the whole point of that story was about Scooby quitting the business, and yet returning, which is what...
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    Comparing Brak's original voice from his 60's Space Ghost portrayal to his new Cartoon Planet voice?

    I compare the Keye Luke version to his "Zen Tuo" ghost and zombies role in Scooby: (e.g. "WE WILL BUILD A NEW STOREROOM!")
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    Boomerang Has Rebranded

    From what I'm seeing so far, they remind me of classic CN promos, or interstitials, with all the clip mixing. I mean from way before the "Groovies" label was used. In fact, it brings to mind the old TNT Toons promos as well. I had long hoped Boom would become more like classic CN.
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    Why don't we use the Living Legends we have?

    Just what I was thinking. I didn't even know it was him. Sometimes, voices like that are not natural, and they have to exert effort to make them, and then they can't after awhile. Like Mel Blanc couldn't do some voices any more toward the end, and then rapper DMC's familiar high pitched voice...
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    Need help: When did cartoons stop airing on the major networks?

    #2, it was probably the month the old season ran out, which would be early Sept. (I remember them dropping all cartoons, and remembered the cartoon season just running to that last week and being replaced by the new lineup).
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    Tooncast around the world

    Wow; those are just like classic CN "all star" promos. Great continuation. This is what I always said they have done on Boomerang, but since they want to change Boomerang into something else altogether, then they should give us this new channel.
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    Fat Albert Spoof On Animaniacs

    When I heard about this one, it was one of the things that made me look forward to the Warner-Turner merger, and the familiarization of the Amblin shows on Cartoon Network with the rest of the WB universe. When this occurred, they instead got horrible airplay (despite seeing the "Monkey Song"...
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    General Classic Animation Music Discussion

    Spider Man '67 was actually Ray Ellis, who the following year went to Filmation to become the longtime background musician (though usually under pseudonyms).
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    Favorite rock n roll songs from 60's HB cartoons

    Actually, they were produced for the original "Mysteries Five" concept, where the gang was a music band, so they would have been produced in 1969. After the music band idea was ditched, the songs produced were then (as a handy afterthought) used for chase scenes in the second season. And so they...
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    What makes Scooby Doo so popular?

    I've always said it was the "people-focus". It was unprecedented in cartoons, which before were either slapstick comedy or action-adventure (and both of which were being increasingly frowned upon for violence). It perfected the "teen"-oriented format Archie started the year before, but with...
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    Julie McWhirter Dees=Worst Betty Rubble voice actress

    Maybe she was trying to emulate the original Bea Benaderet voice, which had some similarty to Betty Boop at times.
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    Boomerang Has Rebranded

    Will there still be, on CN? I'd rather have it on BOOM, since that doesn't specify cartoons.
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    List of TV stations that aired the "Hanna-Barbara Superstars 10" TV movies

    IIRC, it looked to me like the Tribune stations. (which was one of the other proto-"little networks" besides Metromedia/FOX)
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    Saturday Morning - and nothing of value was lost

    When we were growing up, and this stuff was coming out, most of us were not seasoned animation critics (this trend today is retropsective). So whatever was coming out was still new and exciting (and concentrated in that one timeslot, and on three air channels, where today, it's all spread out)...
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    The end of Saturday Morning Cartoons.

    Boomerang could reinstitute the year by year format they started with, and make that a Saturday block. Especially if they're going to change the rest of their format. They could keep that one slot for classic cartoons.
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    The end of Saturday Morning Cartoons.

    QUBO had cartoons, right? I was going to ask, that even though NBC was the first to drop cartoons, I did think I remembered them having one of those third party prepackaged blocks )with cartoons) for awhile. By this ime, it was already over for me. Those blocks (most by a single producer, and...
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    So whats the cutoff for "retro" cartoons?

    I would say the 20 year mark happens to coincide roughly with the switch from Saturday morning to cable (where the big networks began scaling down drastically, eventually extending their morning shows, and independent stations joined new networks and replaced their weekday AM syndicated slots...
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    What's your most favorite TV adventure cartoon series, produced by Hanna-Barbera?

    Is there a difference between "direction" and actual "scoring"? Like with "music editor"? I always got the impression Nichols perhaps had a side role like that, while curtin continued to actually compose the music.