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  1. FTPC


    SONY VS AT&T WINNER GETS CRUNCHYROLL What You Need to Know: It was reported on The Information today that Sony is in talks to purchase Crunchyroll from WarnerMedia for around $1.5 Billion USD. According to The Information, Crunchyroll would be added to Sony's anime empire along with its...
  2. FTPC

    other anime boards

    I have been noticing in the past few months, That a Lot of the anime boards have been shutting down like Toonami faithful and now on august 12/2020 the Funimation boards only are shutting down too is this board shutting down too?
  3. FTPC

    This weeks books for 3/2812

    Comics books and manga ABRAMS Art Of Daniel Clowes Modern Cartoonist HC, $40.00 Garbage Pail Kids HC, $19.95 Gonzo A Graphic Biography Of Hunter S Thompson TP, $17.95 ABSTRACT STUDIOS Rachel Rising #1 (Terry Moore 3rd Printing Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), $3.99 Rachel Rising #2...
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    Punishermax ending? (maybe) __________________________________________________________________ What does the rest of the board think about this topic, I personally hope that "punisher max ending" is a roomer and it is NOT official, I hope it is...
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    What did you buy this month (the comicbook edition)

    Last month before the holidays and the winter storm I went buy the comic book store and pick up my books on dec 13. and the are: Punisher Max hot rods of death Punisher vs marvel universe #4 Heroic age super heroes Franken Castle #21 Punisher Tiny Ugly world Punisher in blood #1...
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    "Naruto Shippuden question?

    when will "Naruto Shippuden" be back on saturdays?, and when "Naruto Shippuden gets the green light to be back on saturdays, I guess that X D will have to a marathon to Catch up to or with the Current story Arc.. Sorry X D but summer vaction is over..
  7. FTPC

    Teen vs toons

    I am sorry For this, But I have to say that I would like TWC yes that is Time wanner Cable to Channel 110 from teen Nick to Nicktoons.. I called up my local TWC and the guy that answer the phone, he Had Nick toons mixed up with Nick JR.. I don't get I watch Nick sometimes and tv land...
  8. FTPC

    CN on demand

    What do you think of the anime shows on cartoon network on demand But i have a question When will cartoon network's logo be shown at the top right hand conner during the epsodies of bakugan on demand and when will yu-gi-oh 5d be shown on cn on demand..
  9. FTPC

    Top Cat?

    Currently I have notice that boomrang has remove or taken top cat off of the line and has replace it with Dexter's lab why? what is the reason for that call?
  10. FTPC

    I want Nicktoons

    I was doing some reading on and I found out that Nicktoons and I found on most TWC or Time wanner cable systems, that nick toons is on channel 138. Until I found out that on my box and on channel 138 I have planet green and I found out that planet green is owned by the...
  11. FTPC

    [AS] Anime vs Comedy

    Ever-since [AS] started their comedy six nights a week every night and giving Only one night to the Anime fans, instead of one hour, or each half to anime fans Back in June. If you are a fan of [AS] like I Am, Then you know [AS] has been showing Favoritism to all of comedy and Casting out the...
  12. FTPC

    watching Anime only

    I posted this on because I was Sick of there Lineup Alaways being comedy So I post this on March 16, 2008 on So what Do you think toonzone ? FTPC