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  1. SoundDestroyer

    Yo-Kai Watch-the Dead Horse of Disney XD?

    So here's an interesting research regarding Yo-Kai Watch,which is an example of dead anime franchise in America. Yo-Kai Watch was an acquired anime by Disney XD that began to air on October 5,2015,a year and 8 months after series debuted in Japan. The first 5 episodes of anime aired at 5 PM as a...
  2. SoundDestroyer

    Where can i find cartoon episodes straightly recorded from TV?

    So Toonsters,I have a really big problem! Does anybody know a website to watch cartoons,but during the TV Broadcast? ( The simple example is a SpongeBob episode recorded from Nickelodeon,with tv rating,logo screenbug,SSC,etc). For an example I watched first 3 episodes of Ben 10:Ultimate Alien...