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    The 2000's Hate Really Needs To Stop

    I wish people (including the OP) know that. The 2000s weren't really the best, but they still had great cartoons (especially in the early-mid 2000s).
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    What's worse: Modern Rugrats, Modern Fairly Odd Parents, or Modern SpongeBob?

    Modern FOP. It was worse when Chloe was introduced. It was bad to the point where Nickelodeon probably gave it less airing time since it's not as great as it used to be. Modern Spongebob on the other hand is okay at best, despite not being great as the first three seasons.
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    The 2000's Hate Really Needs To Stop

    Well yeah, but he admitted that the decade wasn't really good within the animation industry. I felt like he had a strong hate with the 2000s, especially when he said "Thank god this decade is over". Heck, he even said that every decade has crap, including the 90s. But what I feel more concerned...
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    Best Year for Animation In the 2000's Movie Wise (2000 to 2009)

    I believe it's more like 2003-2006, since there's no way in the lands of depth that Lilo and Stitch can be stuck with movies like "Home in the Range" or "Chicken Little".
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    The 2000's Hate Really Needs To Stop

    Even though he seems to be hypocritical when disliking the 2000s animation-wise, since he did like shows like Samurai Jack, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Seasons 1-3 Spongebob (which was made in 1999-2004), and Codename: KND for examples. He just chosen shows that nobody has ever heard of...
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    The 2000's Hate Really Needs To Stop

    As somebody who was mentioned on this thread, I have to say thank you for the OP. Even though he is banned for some reason, I might put some input in this thread. As a mid-late 2000s kid (specifically 2004-2009), the only reason why I prefer watching the cartoons of that decade is because I...
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    Best Year for Animation In the 2000's Movie Wise (2000 to 2009)

    I'm gonna stick with 2001 because that's when most cartoon franchises from the '00s started to rise up.
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    Favorite Cartoon Network Era?

    I liked the City Era as my favorite, because I didn't really watch Cartoon Network during the Powerhouse Era (I was born in 1999 btw).
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    The real reason behind CN's (recent) poor treatment with Steven Universe...

    But it's not like they shown them 24/7 nonstop, compared to Teen Titans Go. I've seen Dora and Scooby Doo airing at least a few times daily when I was little and I didn't really obsess over it.
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    Should Regular Show and Adventure Time join Boomerang

    Frankly, I think they should give them a few months until it gets on Boomerang. Although, it wouldn't mean anything since TTG and Gumball are already showing up on Boomerang.
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    Your Favorite Powerpuff Girls Episodes?

    Gonna put my list. Season 1: Monkey See, Doggie Do Mommy Fearest Boogie Frights Bubblevicious Cat Man Do The Rowdyruff Boys Season 2: Stuck Up, Up, and Away Supper Villain Beat Your Greens Mo Job Cootie Gras Twisted Sister Speed Demon Season 3: Child Fearing Criss Cross Crisis Bubblevision...
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    Rugrats vs The Powerpuff Girls

    Powerpuff Girls is way better than Rugrats. It also has a better theatrical movie, imo.
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    Which pre-school channel has the most tolerable shows: Disney Junior OR Nick Jr?

    I... don't really seem to like Disney Junior and Nick Jr. ever since I was 7. They both seem to be lame for me, especially with its programming. But I guess Disney Junior is more relevant than Nick Jr, imo.
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    Top 10 Disney Shows That Should Return

    I don't know about that. The voice actor for Lilo is in her mid twenties, and I doubt she'll sound the same. Plus, Chris Sanders would most likely be busy with other projects like The Croods or How To Train Your Dragon.
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    What was your history with Cartoon Network?

    I became a fan of Cartoon Network around early 2005. Although, my first memories of it was when I watched old Hanna-Barbera cartoons on Boomerang. It was quite interesting for me, and I became hooked. However, I barely had any interest with watching the main channel during the City era. Even...
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    When did you think Nickelodeon went downhill?

    As someone who never really watched Nickelodeon for a few years now, I wanted to know when did you guys think the network went bad? To me, it went downhill after they changed their logo in 2009, and never really sprouted from anything good ever since. Sure, there was some gems, but not a lot...
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    Why Aren't Preschool Showd Talked About That Much

    I think it's because most cartoon fanatics wouldn't talk so much about preschool shows. Unless it's something from their childhood, but it wouldn't matter to them anyway. We would usually talk about shows from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Discovery Family, or Disney Channel, but not stuff from...
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    How many more seasons will Spongebob get?

    The heck if I know. Spongebob keeps getting money for a long time. It's probably one of the only shows that long-time Nick fans have been watching, even though I quit watching the show because of its repetitiveness.
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    What's Your Favorite Era of Cartoon Network?

    Possibly the City Era, since that stuff takes me back to 2005. Anything from the City Era to the Noods Era was alright to me.