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  1. GrantM

    The Ship It Show

    I don't know where to put this so I'll leave it here for now. Theres a new podcast just out called The Ship It Show which is hosted by both Tara Strong and Greg Cipes. The Ship-it Show Both follow me on Twitter and so i'm trying to return the favour by at least promoting it here. They've got an...
  2. GrantM

    Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Hate The Powerpuff Girls Reboot?

    Recently I finally got around to watching more of PPG 2016 and......I gotta be honest I don't really hate it as much as people did throughout it's run. Yes I know it had a ton of issues but from what I've seen I don't think it's that bad. Certainly not on par with the original for sure but not...
  3. GrantM

    Did The New Batman Adventures Ever Air In The UK At All?

    Ever since my brother got the Batman TAS Blu Ray set I've slowly but surely been going through the KidsWB era of the show which I missed out on when it originally aired. Couple things I want to point out. First I don't mind the change in animation style which I know fans were not into, I've seen...
  4. GrantM

    Did Amazon Cancel The Rocky And Bullwinkle Reboot?

    I know it wasnt the most well recieved show out there but i actually really grew to like it (Plus having Mark Hamill as himself/Captain Great Guy was freaking awesome, that guy makes anything he shows up in instantly great if my recent experience with Time Squad is any...
  5. GrantM

    How Much Of Batman Beyond Do I Need To See Before Return Of The Joker

    So I finally got around to watching Batman Beyond for the first time ever, but I'm more excited to finally see Return Of The Joker for the first time ever. However how much of BB do I need to see before then since I dont want to go into without context
  6. GrantM

    So Yeah I'm Gonna Ask This, How Will The Coronavirus Affect Animation Production

    I'm genuinely curious cause I know live action stuff has been cancelled/delayed cause of it (and you've got people claiming that it's a permanent thing). So how will it affect animation
  7. GrantM

    Will There Be Any More Of The Amazon Prime Rocky And Bullwinkle Reboot?

    I watched the Rocky And Bullwinkle reboot that came out 2 years ago all throughout last year and I really grew to like it.......well not at first but some encouragement made me continue it and I'm very greatful for that (plus having the likes of Weird Al Yankovic and Mark Hamill show up in the...
  8. GrantM

    How Big Was Fairly Oddparents In Its Heyday?

    I started watching Fairly Oddparents for the first time ever in late 2018 and have grown to like it (even most of the later episodes). But I got to wondering, since I completely missed the show during its 16 year run, how big was the show. I know the series completely fell apart in its 9th and...
  9. GrantM

    How's The R4 Powerpuff Girls 20th Anniversary DVD Set?

    I've decided to try and get the original PPG series and it seems the only way to get it is the Australian release (there is an R1 set but it's OOP). However I can't find any reviews of it, I don't want to buy it only to find out there are problems with it. Anyone here have it?, is it worth getting?
  10. GrantM

    Can I Watch Corner Gas Animated Without Seeing The Original Live Action Series Before It?

    I've had my eye on Corner Gas Animated for months now, but whats stopped me from checking it out is the live action show it's based on (Corner Gas) is not available legally anywhere outside of Canada at all. Am I gonna miss out on anything without seeing the original series or should I not...
  11. GrantM

    Super Drags

    Anyone here seen this yet?, it dropped on Netflix yesterday and so far I've seen 2 of the 5 episodes. If no one here has heard of it, Super Drags is a Brazilian animated series about 3 gay men who moonlight as drag queen superheroes. So far it's not been that great but I don't think it's reached...
  12. GrantM

    Is It Safe To Talk About Big Mouth?

    So season 2 of Big Mouth just came out on Netflix and I'm honestly liking it, probably more so than the first season. However given the subject matter and the fact some people are just completely weirded out by it (which Is a major understatement), is it okay to talk about the show here (just be...
  13. GrantM

    The Overly Animated Podcast Anyone checked them out?. Their goal is to take animation seriously (which is what I like) though they are kinda selective in what shows they cover
  14. GrantM

    Are Adult Animated Shows On Basic Cable Now Allowed To Use The F Word Unbleeped?

    Recently basic TV-MA rated basic cable shows like American Crime Story, Happy!, The Librarians (to name a few) have been allowed to use the f-word unbleepd (about time too if you ask me) so I was wondering if TV-MA rated animated shows on late night basic cable are doing the same thing as well...
  15. GrantM

    So Whats The Deal With Bravest Warriors Seasons 3 And 4 Not Being Made Available Outside The US?

    Ever since season 3 (and the recent season 4) was made available on the US only platform VRV, fans have been wondering why the show to this day is still not available outside the US. Now rather than say something stupid like they hate money, I'd rather try to rationally find out why Frederator...
  16. GrantM

    So Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Can Have Ongoing Storylines But Wander Over Yonder Could Not?

    This might sound like nutjob conspiricy theory talk but hear me out cause it's something I thought about recently. So a while back I learned that Craig McCracken had a bit of a hard time with Disney over WoY since Disney would not let him make the show have an ongoing storyline in season 1, but...
  17. GrantM

    Star Vs The Forces Of Evil No Longer Shown On The UK Disney XD?

    A few days ago I flicked through the UK Disney XD only to find out that SvtFoE was not shown on the channel, older shows like Gravity Falls and Phineas And Ferb were still on but not SvtFoE?. In fact I was told by someone I know that season 2 has even yet to air on the UK Disney XD. If that is...
  18. GrantM

    So Whats The Deal With Amid Amidi Of Cartoon Brew

    I follow the site quite a bit but whenever someone brings up the current head of it (Amid Amidi) I hear nothing but bad things about him. Is he really that bad. One thing I should point out is I tried looking him up but could not find much of anything about his reputation, though I do remember...
  19. GrantM

    How Edited Is The Adult Swim Version Of The New Lupin The 3rd Series

    So the new Lupin The 3rd series has aired at least 10 episodes so far and I really want to see it, esepcially considering they got most of the dub cast (Tony Oliver, Richard Epcar, Michelle Ruff, Lex Lang ,aka Lupin, Jigen, Fujiko and Goemon respectivly) from the dub of the second Lupin series...
  20. GrantM

    How Edited is Lupin The 3rd VI on Adult Swim/Toonami

    I want to watch it but I figure its been edited, how edited is it