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  1. RockItShipper

    New chapter up!

    Warnings: Shouen ai (don't know? find out or don't read), Bad Goth-y poetry Yet another thing to dread about new seasons of Digimon! More of this crap! Yay! Digimon Goth Boy Poetry Hour: Chapter 1- Yamato, Ken and possible Tamer successor Lee wax poetic about their goggle boys...
  2. RockItShipper

    more on Cinderella 2

    From the Disney catalouge: "When Cinderella and her prince return to the palace from their honeymoon, the new princess suddenly finds herself cast in the role of Royal Hostess. But the traditional rules of the Royal Court don't allow her to entertain in her own warm and wonderful way. With...
  3. RockItShipper

    LOTR question

    What color are Gandalf and Gimli's eyes?
  4. RockItShipper

    New Digimon peeps- season 4

    No clue what's being said, aside from a description I've seen elsewhere... (will post later) And yes... Only one's a girl. The one who looks like Sora in Tai-drag is male, the one with a black ponytail is male, the obese one is male and the little kid is male...
  5. RockItShipper

    Cinderella 2 trailer

    Ok, I saw this at the Disney Store... Cindy's having doubts about being a princess, Prince Charming is reassuring (possibly later in the flick)... and Cindy encourages her sorrowful-looking redhead stepsister to "follow [her] heart"
  6. RockItShipper

    Pokemon 2002 news from Japan (Spoilers spoilers spoilers)

    Gonna start with the fifth double feature- another Pikachu adventure and then a longer one with the Twerps. All that was shown of either was concerning the second. There was a shot of "Ash"-co (no "Tracey") suspended in the night sky, lots of water... The director(?) appeared to give a...
  7. RockItShipper

    a little Christmas story

    The Rankin-Bass Christmas Slash Special Enjoy!
  8. RockItShipper question

    Would you consider "miscellaneous cartoons" the right category for my (in progress) Rankin Bass slashfic? Oh, and those kids in Clueless were stepsibs, right? So it wasn't bad that they hooked up, right? :confused:
  9. RockItShipper

    Hello Tweety?

    Anyone else heard about this?
  10. RockItShipper

    ebay question: how long is too long? See this? Well, I have not heard from this person (just e-mailed him? a few minutes ago) in the 8 days since this auction closed. Up to now(and in the 2 auctions that ended...
  11. RockItShipper

    partial start/end themes lyrics for Japanese PPG dub

    It's not the entire lyrics, just the ones written/spoken in English. Cream Puff Shuffle: This cream is so rich! Can be the best one. Do you see things as they are? No, I don't. I see them as I am! No answer is also an answer. Go for it! Go for the gold! Go for it! Go for it! Go for...
  12. RockItShipper

    Sesame Street Terrorist?
  13. RockItShipper

    something I wish I hadn't seen....

  14. RockItShipper

    Disney Stuff

    1. Beauty and the Beast is scheduled for a rerelease in IMAX theatres 1/1/2002, with its previously unused number(as in the original movie- I know it was in the stage show) "Human Again". 2. Peter Pan 2 is called "Return to Neverland". The preview shows it to be drawn in a near identical...
  15. RockItShipper


    Part 1 is Pikachu's Hide and Seek... We meet 3 new Pokemon: Kakureon, a mix of a chamelon and a Muppet. I saw two of these in one of the eps I got last week. Hoeruko, a whale-looking Pokemon. And Ruriri, the pre-evolution of "Marill". The stills show the evolved form of "Snubbull", "Wobbuffet"...
  16. RockItShipper

    Japan Box Office for July->

    Week ended 7/6/01: A.I. (out 2 weeks at the time), Pokemon 4 (new), The Mummy Returns (5th week), Hotaru (7th week), Minna no le (5th week), Miss Congeniality (5th week), The Gift (4th week), Crocodile Dundee in L.A. (2nd week), The Contender (3rd week), Joint Security Area (7th week). Week...
  17. RockItShipper

    Spanish dubs

    Over the weekend I was in the Dominician Republic and caught some shows on CNLatin America and fox Kids. First off, I should mention the Speedy Gonzalez short. The text in the backgrounds, like all the dubs I saw there, was unchanged. But they'd be spoken out loud in Spanish. I also caught...
  18. RockItShipper

    Anyone collect cels?

    Most of the ones I've gotten are from Cardcaptor Sakura, but I have one each from Dragonball, Pokemon, Gargoyles and TMNT.
  19. RockItShipper

    Cute Japanese pokefanart

    Some of the pics here, particularly the comic, has a SHISHI undertone. It's still not up there in my mind like "Ash"/"Jessie" but it sure as hell beats AAML. And the pix are really nice looking.
  20. RockItShipper

    Pokemon season 4