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  1. Anarky

    Anyone Selling Cels?

    I collect studio cels from the series. Mostly Limited edition cels. Not really into the original production pieces unless they're really good. The only OPC I have is from Harlequinade. It's a candid still frame featuring Harley Quinn chlling in the Batmobile. And shes got this really...
  2. Anarky

    My Personal List

    A few yrs back I created my own Best of Batman vhs (8hrs). The field was rough but I'm happy w/ the final cut. I didn't record them in order of rank. I pasted them together with a certain rythym in mind. All the greats on it: Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow... But I also mixed in some episodes...
  3. Anarky

    Anarky Avatars?

    Can anyone here hook me up w/ an Anarky avatar? He's an interesting character. I didn't care much for the short series he had in 99/00 9lasted only 8 issues). They tried to make the character than he had to be 1. they gave him a Lantern ring 2. had a nasty run-in w/ Ra's al Ghul 3...
  4. Anarky

    FOX faux pas

    Did FOX pull the plug on The Tick? I've been tuning it Thursday evenings after The Family Guy only to see another Family Guy epsiode running. I liked that show. It was hilarious. That's twice now that FOX killed the Tick. Unfortunately I think I missed an episode. I think they aired about...
  5. Anarky

    Fancy Faces in Your Messages. How?

    I see a lot of you have profile pics. How do I go about adding one to my profile? That way everytime I post a message, a face will appear by my name. Does it have to do w/ the IMG option on the toolbar?
  6. Anarky

    Flash Villains: Hip or Square

    I'm not greatly familiar w/ villains outside of Gotham or metropolis Supes & Flash confronted the Weather Wizard in "Speed Demons". In enjoyed the team-up but frankly, the Wizard was a gimpy villain. I hope the Flash has more to offer than him. I only know of Captain Cold & Mirror Master...
  7. Anarky

    Free Batman Poster!!!

    If any of you picked up the weekend edition of the USA Today then you know what I'm speaking of. As many of you know, Warner Bros & OnStar have been using the Batman in their ad campaign: tv commercials, magazine ads, interactive games online... Well in this Super Bowl wkd edition, the good...