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  1. Anarky

    Static Shock "Static Shaq" Talkback (Spoilers)

    shaq= bad actor (cough-Steel-cough-Blue Chips-cough-Kazaam) shaq= bad rapper (dictionary "bad", not slang "bad") shaq= bad sneakers (people's exhibit a. the shaqnosis by reebok) i didn't like this episode. and the season 4 nba-all star ep will probably be as bad as this one.
  2. Anarky

    Justice League "Paradise Lost, Parts 1 & 2" Talkback (Spoilers)

    hey, here's a great idea let's cut out the part where Superman and Diana apologize to another, omit them surveying the damage from their fracus, and not show that batman called Diana via comlink. Let's just come back from commercials and have the League coincidentily meet at Faust's...
  3. Anarky

    Get All The Gotham Girls

    i wish these were on dvd (it'll never happen) my pc is hella weak, not to mention dial-up modem uploading takes several minutes & i rarely get fluid playback
  4. Anarky

    NBA Draft

    bzzzzzzzzzzzt the Lakers have weaknesses, namely bench strength Shaq is not the most driven, which is why he's been reporting to camp in poor condition the last few summers. Kobe is getting tired of Shaq's aloofness, which is why he declared he will be opting out next summer. Rick Fox...
  5. Anarky

    Static Shock "The Big Leagues" Talkback (Spoilers)

    i THINK Static is going 5 days a week starting next week, starting w/ the premier. And I think "The Big Leagues" is airing on Wednesday.
  6. Anarky

    "Batman: Knightfall" Talkback (Spoilers)

    Back when I had roadrunner, I downloaded and burned the 4-part Knightfall series produced by the BBC. If anyone here hasn't been introduced to radio serials, this is the one you want. Added bonus: Michael Gough reprises his role as Alfred. Sadly, I never successfully downloaded Part One...
  7. Anarky

    Simpsons Quote Quiz

    BZZZZZZZZZTTTTTT!!!!!! sorry but the correct answer IS.......... Allen Wrench, from the ep when Apu & Manjulla had octuplets. He was the walking, talking tool in the hardware store, though in actuality he's an alien from another craves tungsten for survival. Just another one of...
  8. Anarky

    Simpsons Quote Quiz

    you're half-correct, it was Homer. in the epsiode when he became an artist...of RAGE!!! ok, try this one: "I need tungsten to survive. TUNGSTEN!!!" character and epsiode:
  9. Anarky

    Worst 10 cartoons EVER!

    The Ghostbusters--no, not the REAL Ghostbusters--the one with the ape. Barf. Crazy8s stole my thunder. I remember that bootleg Ghostbusters!!! someone mentioned the Rubix Cube series. Anyone remember Q-bert's cartoon? How about Street Sharks? Spider-Man Unlimited was...
  10. Anarky

    Simpsons Quote Quiz

    ok, i'll toss one out: (shouting) Catch the Fever! (angry mumble, shaking fist)catch it.
  11. Anarky

    Simpsons Quote Quiz

    arrggghhh, you're right the spring break roadie to the knoxville world's fair (of '85?) who can forget the Sun Sphere (ha HA!) ok blight, what's your line?
  12. Anarky

    Simpsons Quote Quiz

    "You are hearing me talk" i believe that was Lingu-O, Lisa's science fair project. The grammatically correct robot. if i'm right, here's one: "Where is Da Money?" "When are you going to get Da Money?" "Why aren't you getting Da Money now?" "And so on and so forth. So if you please...
  13. Anarky

    Simpsons Quote Quiz

    MY BAD! sorry. I answered a quote from page 10, not knowing it wasn't the final page. So we're on page 26 now? Yikes! Still, any guesses of my quote? i'll pay better attention next time
  14. Anarky

    Simpsons Quote Quiz

    I believe that's the ep when former President George Bush moves across the street from the Simpsons. The block was holding a yard sale. Homer had a denim jacket. On the back he wrote "DISCO STU" w/ rhinestones, but had no room left for the "D" in "STUD" as was the intended message. my...
  15. Anarky

    Official Batman: Dark Tomorrow Thread

    i love the concept of wandering about in Arkham
  16. Anarky

    Who should be cast in a live action Wonder Woman ?

    Howabout Talisa Soto? She was in one of the Dalton 007 flicks, as well as Katana in Mortal Kombat. Is she past her prime as an action actress? I had always enviosned her as playing either Catwoman or Talia. Someone suggested Jennifer Connelly. She's a 10 but that role is way out of her...
  17. Anarky

    How did you first discover Batman?

    Zoinks! As a young child growing up in the 80s, my first exposure to the world of the Batman was actually as guest shots on the Scooby-Doo movies. I remember this episode about a counterfeit ring that led the Dynamic Duo & Mystery Inc to an amusement park, where the Joker & the Penguin were...
  18. Anarky

    The Fourth Animated Batman Movie

    Ideas What's the buzz on "Injustice For All"? I read Luthor is in prison & that LexCorp has crumbled. True or False? As for the movie ideas: there definitely needs to be a buffer between "Legacy" and "Secret Origins". As for Batman, yes Two-Face would obviously need to be the focal...
  19. Anarky

    Pick the Best 'Batman: The Animated Series' Episode - Poll #3

    Small Problem Perchance to Dream was a great episode. However, I still wonder why didn't the Hatter unmask Batman while he was unconscious? That's something that really bothered me about that story. True, there have been other moments when Bats was out cold and could've been unmasked...
  20. Anarky

    I saw three episodes of Justice League and...

    This type of program only works in multi-part episodes. There's too many characters, too much dialogue, too much plot, and too much action to fit into a 22-minute block. Besides, cliffhangers are cool. Don't Hate, Appreciate! :-)