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  1. Ben

    "Watchmen" Talkback (Spoilers)

    This is the comic that ruined comics for me. When I decided I wanted to read more comics, this one was recommended, and I devoured this in two days. I adored it. The result of which was that I thought there must be other American comics out there that are just as good. Alas. Of course, I'm...
  2. Ben

    Anime and nudity. The debate.

    Just because women draw it too doesn't mean it's not sexist. Black people were in minstrel shows, after all.
  3. Ben

    Anime and nudity. The debate.

    Honestly, that is getting old. The colloquial usage of the term "begs the question" is different from its usage as a rhetorical term. One usage is no more legitimate than the other in this context. On-topic, umm... Yay boobs.
  4. Ben

    Toonami Fantasy Schedules - 2002 Edition

    I dig your avatar, GG. It is scaaaaeeeerrrry. Does anyone remember the old Fox Family anime block? TokyoPop had a segment on that where they talked about Japanese culture. A good idea IMO, even though it was inconsistent in its success.
  5. Ben

    Toonami Fantasy Schedules - 2002 Edition

    It would be called Poonami and... I'll shut up now.
  6. Ben

    Tell us about yourself...

    Re: "No one can murder you online--YET." Have you read Snow Crash? True excellence.
  7. Ben

    Tell us about yourself...

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Tell us about yourself... No one can murder you online. Yet.
  8. Ben

    Tell us about yourself...

    Re: Re: Tell us about yourself... Your "girlfriend" doesn't happen to require an air pump every so often, does she?
  9. Ben

    Tell us about yourself...

    WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? Today, Franz Kafka The Sons and Freud Civilization and its Discontents EDIT: In general, Douglas Adams The Salmon of Doubt, Suzanne Vega The Passionate Eye and Soseki Natsume I Am a Cat. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? Max Payne FAVORITE MAGAZINE...
  10. Ben

    Toonami Legacy: Toonami UK

    "You don't want Toonami US's shows." I can't see why they wouldn't want MSG, 08th, 0080, Blue Sub, Big O, Dragonball, Outlaw Star, and Reboot. Hey, Matt. The world isn't over yet.
  11. Ben

    Official name of Saturday block..

    "Give them support... it's better to take baby steps and mature into something great, rather than jump head strong into something and watch it stagnate." I understand baby steps. My worry is that the block will be stillborn. "It's rated Y7 for christ sake, you could air it at 9, and let us...
  12. Ben

    What do YOU think Mad Rhetoric Meant?

    That's what I always thought it meant. There's always meaning in what Tom says. Although I think the message behind Advanced Robotics was not anything to do with anime fans or control, it was Toonami expressing Sean's sentiment that "anything with giant robots has a good chance of getting...
  13. Ben

    Is Tenchi an action cartoon?

    Go tie-breaking! I say "Yes," since one of its designations is action cartoon.
  14. Ben

    CC-Sama has returned!

    In the words of Jen White in her SGC2C MiSTings... "I'm sorry I was bad! Whatever I did, I'll never do it again!" Just kidding, CC... ;)
  15. Ben

    Sailor Moon Poll

    I qualify my "yes" with this: Only when we get Rising Sun or the third hour back. I don't think there should be a place on the two-hour afternoon block for an older show with no possibility of new acquisitions (First person to say SailorStars could be on Toonami gets it in the kisser).
  16. Ben

    VERY IMPORTANT Adult Swim news

    The "Face" Of Things To Come The shows will rock. I will probably watch. But I'm worried about the presentation. If it's a Toonami block, I will definitely watch. If it's not, I might tune in occassionally. The Toonami presentation, as the CNXers know, is half (if not most) of the appeal of...
  17. Ben

    Whats that CB song at the end of the last episode

    Although you should probably go to unless you don't mind paying $40 for basic imports.
  18. Ben

    Toonami Legacy: Kids'WB's Toonami

    "Stop mentioning that! It hurts!" What? The KWB isn't the REAL TOONAMI? :rolleyes:
  19. Ben

    Where's Big O??

    This was originally posted in "A Positive Sign Of Big O's Return" but since that thread is dead I'm posting it here as well. ************************************************ Okay, complaining in the US doesn't seem to be working... so let's take it across the ocean! After some time...
  20. Ben

    Hottest *Toonami* Babe

    "When I saw Barbara Gordon on the list, at first I thought you were talking about the one from Batman Beyond. I'm like, "We get to vote for an old broad now"" :) I wouldn't put that past some of these peeps.