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  1. Anyone00

    DBZ Question

    Vegeta: "Bulma I tell you're making that son of ours spoiled and lazy, why when I was his age I had already committed DOZENS acts of genocide on PLANETARY scales, him no 'I can fusion with my best friend and beat on a little pink guy', bah!"
  2. Anyone00

    Another misprint

    That or they just stuck a TV-PG on a TV-Y7 rated show and since they haven't aired them before...
  3. Anyone00


    Wolfwood's conduct would probably be far more of an issue than the shape of his gun. Maybe it has something to do with signifying Christ's sacrifice at the hands of man to offer salvation and to help reform the very part of human nature that made the cross a symbol of hatred, humiliation and...
  4. Anyone00

    Help with Dragonball?

    I think he's only passingly mentioned in DB. Monday Goku meets #8.
  5. Anyone00

    Wouldn't it be cool to have a cabbit?

    Don't you think Washu already has? :rolleyes:
  6. Anyone00

    Favortie DB/DBZ Dub Quotes!

    From today's (or yesterday's by now) ep. "Do you know what's out there?' "Sure, badguys."
  7. Anyone00

    Wouldn't it be cool to have a cabbit?

    Having Cabbits would be great, but the closest thing to that around here are rabbit cats. Oh, well.
  8. Anyone00

    I cain't stands no more!

    Reruns? On a cable network? How could that be? :rolleyes: :D
  9. Anyone00

    what makes the zeons bad

    I'm suprized no one has brought up a Das Boot(sp?) parallel yet.
  10. Anyone00

    Spider-Man on Toonami

    He met Stan Lee and then at the very end Lady Web (was that her name?) said she was bringing him to the real Mary Jane.
  11. Anyone00

    Toonami vs. Adult Swim

    I never said that you said. But it seem you have watched quite afew episodes of the series, so that (and the rest of the shows fan following) will probably mean the show will be generally enjoyed :)
  12. Anyone00

    Toonami vs. Adult Swim

    "That's why DBZ isn't in Adult Swim, because it's clearly not adult." Neither is Pilot Candidate, even with and objectionable or religious content. It will come of to anybody as a show for an audience around and under 12-year olds. As you said: filler. "Plus, it kinda seems that two of...
  13. Anyone00

    The REAL Midnight Run returns!

    A TV-14 surrounded by a bunch of Y-7 seem rather odd, doesn't it? (just bringing up the possibility the other shows will be TV-PG when the actually air) Also keep in mind Williams Street is not best known for being on schedule with what the schedule says at first.
  14. Anyone00


    So no one has found it strange that this post was started by a poster named "John-Paul"?
  15. Anyone00

    Beware The CNX

    Hi, everyone I final decided to sign up for this forum. Fair warning to the moderators, make a button that automatically reroutes/dumps a post into Verboten back over at the EZ Board forum. I'm serious.