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  1. Duke

    "Ocean's Eleven" Talkback (Spoilers)

    One review I read back when the film applies greatly to this film: "It's about cool guys doing cool things in a cool way." (I forget if that's an exact quote, but that's basically what he wrote) This film was just so cool and awesome. Too bad Ocean's Twelve was complete crap until the final 10...
  2. Duke

    Best and Worst Anime

    Next time, pay attention to the date on the last post.
  3. Duke

    Salior Moon Poll

    Thread Necromancy's not a good way to introduce yourself.
  4. Duke

    Disney sequels NO!!! Anime Sequels YEA!!!
  5. Duke

    Wei B' Kruez

    From what I've heard, the best thing about the show are the dub outtakes.
  6. Duke

    DBZ Question

    Marketing. A similar reason CN wanted to change the name of Justice League and when Fox wanted to change the name of B:TAS. Fresher name and it indicates a new style.
  7. Duke

    Toonami Legacy: Toonami UK

    You're talking to somebody who hasn't watched the FoxBox since April. Well, I thought it was going to be a sneak peek like the other shows, not a full epsiode, so I was asking which show will have the sneak peek.
  8. Duke

    Toonami Legacy: Toonami UK

    Even though Shaman King's scripts are written by the people at TAJ/Mercury (are they still TAJ, because the Kuromi DVD called them Mercury Productions), I believe the 4Kids brass forces them to make the mistranslations. Actually, their best dub, translation-wise, is Pokémon. Except for cutting...
  9. Duke

    Toonami Legacy: Toonami UK

    I don't really mind TAJ/Mercury Productions when they do RightStuf or Central Park Media releases, but their 4Kids releases just aren't as good. Maybe it's the scripts...
  10. Duke

    Toonami Legacy: Toonami UK

    What in the world is Chris Colorado?
  11. Duke

    Toonami Legacy: Toonami UK

    No, it would be Big O, Gundam Wing, Powerpuff Girls, and Shaman King. It'd start at 1AM, obviously.
  12. Duke

    Toonami Legacy: Kids'WB's Toonami

    I thought Cardcaptors was just on CN Toonami, and didn't premiere Season 3 until after KWB Toonami left.
  13. Duke

    Toonami Legacy: Toonami UK

    You people need to move over here to North America. Be with us! See TOM3 and Sara2 on television! Participate actively in the main Talkbacks! (Instead of providing info and analysis later on.) Watch Adult Swim! See Transformers Energon very early in the morning!
  14. Duke

    If any Anime could make it...

    I saw Spirited Away at this tiny theater in Philly, and while it wasn't packed, it was certainly crowded. I think 3/4 of the seats were filled. Only other anime movies I've seen in theaters are Pokémon 1-5.
  15. Duke

    If any Anime could make it...

    They're animated over there, but they're written, storyboard, etc. over here.
  16. Duke

    If any Anime could make it...

    Well, Shrek didn't start out in every theater (Hell, the biggest theater near me didn't get it until this weekend) either. And it also has to do with the general American mindset (which was explained on PTI last week). Basically, in the mind of the average American, "If we didn't make it, we...
  17. Duke

    If any Anime could make it...

    Considering that it was only released in about a fraction of theaters (even after the Oscar win), $10 million isn't too bad.
  18. Duke

    If any Anime could make it...

    Well, 2000 opened at #3, which wasn't too bad, as the film sucked. The marketing campaign may have killed it, though. 4Ever & Heroes did pretty well considering it was limited. Hell, 4Ever almost grossed $1 million, despite the fact that it was released in only about 200 theaters. Heroes was...
  19. Duke

    If any Anime could make it...

    Y'know, if the first Pokémon movie was released nationwide, I'm sure it could gross $50 million its first weekend easy. I'll bet kids would skip class to see it.
  20. Duke

    Favourite Gundam Wing episodes/moments

    This time is OK, but usually bringing back a 3-year-old thread isn't the best thing to do... Anyway, most of my favorite moments involve Wufei (wow, a shocker!) including: -When he first meets Noin. -His sword battle with Treize. -When he stabs the Shen-Long Gundam in order to escape. -When...