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    "Glitch Techs" News & Discussions (Spoilers)

    I am so glad this deal between Nick and Netflix is a thing now. I really don't trust Nick to air all the episodes of their shows. They have never been good at that. If a show isn't popular right away it is a matter of chance if the whole series airs on TV at all. Netflix for all their problems...
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    "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" Anime Series in Development for Netflix

    It's suppose to be a continuation of the 80s series so I'm expecting the designs to be very close to those. With much better animation.
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    The hate on Calarts style?

    The use of this claim as an insult seems to have died down. At least from what I have seen.
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    Vic Mignogna Controversies

    It sucks this sort of thing happens and if the creation is "it's not our fault" then I hope the con in question suffers from loss of attendance and can't keep afloat. People should feel safe at places like this and the people running the place should care about the safety of people giving them...
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    Anime Conventions and Problematic Individuals

    It really sucks that this sort of thing happens. You go to a convention to be yourself, to talk to and befriend people with similar interests to you and people take advantage of you. The smaller cons are the ones who really should care as incidents could potentially destroy them.
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    Vic Mignogna Controversies

    That doesn't sound like most conventions though. Most seem to be very concerned about their guests these days. Though considering who this one invited they don't care.
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    Miraculous Ladybug is now on Netflix

    Some episodes of season three are pretty good, like Feast or Timetagger but then there are episodes like Desperada which is was painful to watch because of how dumb the main character acted. I'm liking the episodes that attempt to further the story, as minimal as it is but hate the romance...
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    Miraculous Ladybug is now on Netflix

    I hate when shows add in potential pairings just for the sake drama. Especially when we already know which pairing will be canon. I feel bad for Luka and Kagami, neither of them deserve this. I'm forcing my way though season three. I think I'm going to quit this show, especially if the romance...
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    Vic Mignogna Controversies

    His fans remind me of cultists.
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    Best and worst of Netflix animation in 2019

    To be fair they kind of had to cancel twelve forever. Simply firing the creator wasn't enough, her name still would have been attached to it.
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    Animation's role in the streaming wars

    Apple just trying to rely on original content wasn't wise. There is a reason why Disney Plus and HBO Max are much more tempting from the get go, their caste library of existing shows and movies. The new stuff is still a huge draw but the old stuff helps.
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    Animation's role in the streaming wars

    DreamWorks right now is making shows for more then just Netflix as they also have shows on Amazon and have three for Hulu in the works. Seems they want to be everywhere. Stupid tablet auto-corrected Hulu as Hulk.
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    "Solar Opposites" News & Discussions Thread (Spoliers)

    I'm shocked to learn this show still exists and is almost released. I figured it was one of many shows that never gets made.
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    Miraculous Ladybug is now on Netflix

    Okay. I have heard bad things about these final episodes of this season but maybe I will like them. All I know is I'm almost done.
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    How will CBS/Viacom handle streaming animated content?

    More like if you can't beat them, profit off them.
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    Will HBO Max result in shutting down WarnerMedia's linear TV offerings?

    Sometimes I wonder why CW exists as a channel. It does so much worse then the other broadcast TV channels, in some areas the channels changes every few years and some places don't even carry it. Maybe it should end all together with it's shows just continuing on HBO Max. I live in Chicago and...
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    Netflix's "She-Ra" News & Discussion Thread

    At this point I see Hordak getting a redemption arc before Catra and that's the last thing I want. Even if it's mainly jokes right now I'm glad the crew are open to the idea of a He-man cross over.
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    "DuckTales" (2017) Series Talkback (Spoilers)

    And the "deaths" Angones was talking about were clones of Gyro Gearlose, which yeah does technically mean a hero died even though really no one died.
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    Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Series Talkback (Spoilers)

    The "romance" is starting to turn me off. This show is handling it so badly. The whole thing with Adrien and Marinette was badly done from day one and it has just gotten worse since Luka and Kagami were added in. I just watched the episode Desperada and it was painful to watch. Marinette, whose...