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  1. TheJLeeTeam

    About Wander over Yonder

    I first saw this show in 2014 after getting into Gravity Falls. It wasn’t one of my favorites but I did like it. It’s cancellation was very vocal especially for a Disney Channel Show. And this wasn’t on Nick or Cartoon Network so SpongeBob and TTG couldn’t taken blame for it’s cancellation. I’m...
  2. TheJLeeTeam

    Are there any animated franchises you want to see revived by streaming?

    I would like to see any IP get revived by one of my favorite creators. Greenblatt is doing that and I would like a show to be revived by J.G. Quintel.
  3. TheJLeeTeam

    Do you think there were ever any conflicts between Herb Scanell and Cyma Zarghami?

    I highly doubt it. In defense of the Zarghami era, It wasn’t all bad. While so much wrong happened with it such as poor treatment of cartoons, I think they were still taking bold risks and were very experimental in the stuff they greenlit. Which might have led to a gem like Harvey Beaks being...
  4. TheJLeeTeam

    HBO MAX: AT&T's new Streaming service

    It’s worth noting that a Friends reunion is officially greenlit. I’m not a fan of the show but I know a lot of people are. Most of my family still watches it today.
  5. TheJLeeTeam

    Talking animals in animation

    I have a fondness for cartoons about anthropomorphic animals since when I was a kid I used to watch Winnie the Pooh, Looney Tunes, and SpongeBob. Some of them are very adorable and pleasing, Harvey Beaks especially. Then there is Regular Show where some of the main cast are animals, and Mao Mao...
  6. TheJLeeTeam

    Why do people don't like later seasons of Total Drama?

    I’m biased but Action was my favorite because it was the one I started with and I liked the movie themes. I also liked parts of Island and World Tour. I wasn’t a fan of Revenge minus Dawn. After that I was no longer into Total Drama.
  7. TheJLeeTeam

    Who’s looking forward to the Bob’s Burgers Movie?

    I don’t watch Bob’s Burgers that often but there is a theatrical movie coming in July. I’m looking forward to checking it out because it’s a new theatrical movie based on a Tv show. I don’t know what to expect from it but hopefully it’ll be good as there aren’t a lot movies this year that I’m...
  8. TheJLeeTeam

    I’m doing something special in my sculpting class!

    I’m doing something special in my sculpting class!
  9. TheJLeeTeam

    What's The Most Obscure and Exotic TV Network You've Seen?

    It’s Primo TV the channel is only 3 years old and I think it’s exclusive to Comcast users. It has a few Canadian imports as well as a few anime like Dinosaur King and Captain Tsubasa.
  10. TheJLeeTeam

    Pokemon Sword and Shield News and Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    I still haven’t played SwSh but I noticed on the Pokémon twitter that 90% of the comments are about bringing back the national dex regardless if it’s related to the actual tweet.
  11. TheJLeeTeam

    When a celebrity is trending on Twitter people assume they died. I see it almost every time.

    When a celebrity is trending on Twitter people assume they died. I see it almost every time.
  12. TheJLeeTeam

    What if Cartoon Network got SpongeBob?

    Also if Cartoon Network got SpongeBob, Nick would still milk Klasky Csupo and or Fairly Odd Parents to this day.
  13. TheJLeeTeam

    DXP: Cool Idea, Abysmal Execution

    I actually like the idea of having gaming related shows on Disney XD, but they do it in the worst way possible. First of all the shows they have are about Youtubers playing and commenting on games some of which are really obscure. It’s as if they just took gaming videos on YouTube and slapped...
  14. TheJLeeTeam

    Corrupt the Wish above you

    The jet board runs on gas and needs to be refilled every 5 minutes. I wish for a Live Action Kirby movie
  15. TheJLeeTeam

    Shame Billy Mays is no longer with us. He made commercial breaks fun to watch.

    Shame Billy Mays is no longer with us. He made commercial breaks fun to watch.
  16. TheJLeeTeam

    The hate on Calarts style?

    Besides that would be like saying all anime look the same. I used to think Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh were created by the same person.
  17. TheJLeeTeam

    "Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)" Feature Talkback (Spoilers)

    So it looks like this movie is doing well. Wonderful. Now if only Sega could make a better 3D Sonic game *cough* Sonic Boom and 06.
  18. TheJLeeTeam

    Places to Watch Sonic X?

    I’ve been looking to relive the Dragon Ball Z of Sonic cartoons. Any services that have all episodes of Sonic X? Both the Sub and Dub. If it’s on Crunchyroll that’ll be ideal because I’m subscribing to HBO Max.
  19. TheJLeeTeam

    Post a out-of-context quote from a cartoon

    Snoop Pingas usual!
  20. TheJLeeTeam

    HBO MAX: AT&T's new Streaming service

    Here’s a new trailer 3 More Months!