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  1. RandomMe

    The List

    The purpose of this game is simple. One user will give a list related to one topic (maximum at least 20 items) and the rest will eliminate, one by one, until the winning item is revealed. The winner will then select a new list. Starting with a simple one: Doraemon characters (Japanese names)...
  2. RandomMe

    Your 2010s

    It's going to be a long shot, but since everyone is talking about this so-called "end of decade", allow me to introduce myself. I've been here for most of the 2010s. The first few years (until 2013 at least) were the end of my "childhood", assuming I had 15 years worth of that. Portugal was...
  3. RandomMe

    2018 FIFA World Cup Discussion Thread

    Four years ago, I started a thread for the Brazilian World Cup. Four years later, I repeat my duty. We're nearly three hours away from the first match. This world cup is notorious for the absence of Italy and the United States, the Ivorian and Ghanaian qualification streaks being broken and the...
  4. RandomMe

    Why do today's kids repel from watching old cartoons?

    I know that this is kind of divisive, but this post was written from a European (specifically Portuguese) perspective. Anyway: For many years, kids of most of the world were raised on watching cartoons from prior generations. I for one, in my kindergarten years, was raised not only on the...
  5. RandomMe

    Kids TV revived in NZ

    It will also have a new series of Bobbie the Bus.
  6. RandomMe

    Samsonadzes premiering soon on FOX

    The iconic Imedi TV series can now be yours
  7. RandomMe

    Remember these channels from your lactancy?

    Channels you might remember
  8. RandomMe

    Favorite Bonus Stage theme?

    Mine's from episode 75.
  9. RandomMe

    Remember Toonami Philippines?

    It was like what CN Philippines is today. It was licensed by Manila Broadcasting and Television, also running from 6am-12am. The ending sequence was more or less like this, except that it played a random Toonami bumper. It operated from December 1st, 2012 to December 2nd, 2013.
  10. RandomMe

    This year's Homestar Runner April Fool's Day 'toon

    I know I came in a little late, but anyway:
  11. RandomMe

    RFMP buys all animation studios

    Director Rockson Emmanuel is unstoppable. He is good.
  12. RandomMe

    Maame Wata News and Discussion Thread

    You know what I mean. Trailer:
  13. RandomMe

    Milo and Kyle Massey Appreciation Thread

    He's behind the best animes ever made in GHANA and AFRICA
  14. RandomMe

    Disney Channel shifts to merpeople demographic

    Starting tomorrow, the channel will only air The Little Mermaid (animated series), Fish Hooks, Mermaid Hooks, mernaid versions of Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls and Australian series Home and Away.
  15. RandomMe

    International Club Super 3 News and Discussion Thread

    Club Super 3 is Catalonia's greatest export. The channel broadcasts hundreds and hundreds of cartoons from weird sources, including Catalonia and Japan. The channel launched in Portugal today, replacing Canal Panda after 22 years. The channel keeps the aesthetic of the Catalan program of the...
  16. RandomMe

    Found something

    This was supposed to open Disney films in Sri Lanka in the 90s after a deal with the SLRC, but was rejected.
  17. RandomMe

    Bara Buti

    Today we remember one of the greatest animated commercials ever made: the one for Bara Buti. Words alone can't describe it. What flavors of Bara Buti do you remember?
  18. RandomMe

    BBC greenlights John Fashanu drama series

    John Fashanu. John Fashanu. John Fashanu. John Fashanu. John Fashanu. John Fashanu. That's John Fashanoo, tonight on BBC Two.
  19. RandomMe

    Ed, Edd n Eddy moves to Disney Channel and Disney XD

    The classic series of Ed, Edd n Eddy moves to Disney Channel and Disney XD. This is because Cartoon Network's worldwide rights to air the series have been expired.
  20. RandomMe

    The Nutshack did air on ABS-CBN

    I found this recording of ABS-CBN from last year. It features a local rating bumper before going into the series. A reminder that the recording is inappropriate for YouTube as ABS-CBN is taking everything down.