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I'm rewatching Justice League and I'm sort of weird ed out how old Superman looked in the earlier seasons
Yeah... I just watched the end of Peepoodo... And I wish I hadn't. If I'm considered a wuss for liking Milo Murphy's Law. Big City Greens, Summer Camp Island, Clarence, Craig of the Creek, Hilda, Harvey Beaks, Harvey Street Kids and even The Loud House - not to mention LPS (2012, 2018) SO MUCH MORE because at least those shows have some constraint to not be this gross - then I could care less what you think of me.
Yeah I'm probably not coming back
I was just about to say "Where's Gridman?" on that Crunchyroll streaming thread.
DISH had recent upgrades on the 61.5 orbital slot this early morning. My signal strengths got increased and transponders were moved to another.

How Cartoon Network and TBS moved to other transponders. :P