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  • I wonder if "Mega Man: Fully Charged" will come out very soon, as far as European Cartoon Network feeds are concerned!
    Another potential voice acting choice for Minnie Mouse by me is Tara Strong. What do you think?
    I hope Minnie Mouse gets her new voice actress very soon! If that happens, it will be Kate Higgins. How about that?
    Me too.
    Five bucks says it'll be Cindy Robinson.
    Please stop blaming "Teen Titans Go!" for any cancelation of a Cartoon Network show.
    All I know is that if this happened, the internet would be a much better place - too bad this is also something that should have said during when Johnny Test was around to anger people senselessly...
    Fone Bone
    Fone Bone
    Johnny Test was migraine inducing and unwatchable. There's no comparison between it and TTG. None.
    Hence why it should have been ignored and more attention paid to the better shows on at the time. Same story as TTG!, even if JT WAS worse (which I can agree with.), honestly.
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MeTV went off the air for about 15 minutes, right during one of the last Svengoolie segments up until it was time for the news (which I get in my area instead of Star Trek).
Well Bakugan was made in Canada too, so...
I made another temporary rebrand now, this time for two weeks, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of CN City's European introduction (21 April 2006).

Includes a 2004-styled profile picture and a banner featuring the 2010-present ITC Lubalin font and a checkerboard-styled logo.

I also plan to occasionally post in the 10th international CN thread, and City era CN CEE schedules.
man i can't wait for The CW's version of the Powerpuff Girls

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