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    Cartoon Network International Thread 7.0

    Interesting. Is it on the English audio or the Spanish and/or Portuguese dub(s)? Also was it an old episode? Because a while back they were strong with the censors (even using UK/EU masters from what I heard). There's still that one WBB and OK KO ep that remains censored in that region though...
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    Disney XD News & Discussion Thread

    I'm assuming DXD just want to air the "new" episodes of Disney's current animated shows asap so they don't have to worry about it. Either way they originally aired on the main Disney Channel so I guess they expect people to just tune in/DVR episodes they might had missed on their original run...
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    Villainous pilot.

    same. CN US actually did put up S1 of Another Week on Cartoon with proper US TV Ratings and CCs one time, I believe on On Demand and service providers only. Anyway I missed its TV premiere (was unsure of the time slot) and couldn't check if it has its English audio. From what I can tell from...
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    Old International Cartoon Networks Schedules

    Here are some from Cartoon Network Latin American (Pan-regional/later chile Pan2), taken from a Peruvian cable provider's old site. August 4th, 2002 (UTC -5): August 19th, 2003 (UTC -5): Notes: Used to have a VHS from CN LA/CL from 2004 back then that a grandmother recorded for me and...
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    Boomerang Archived Schedules

    I'm not sure if this is for just the US variant, but here's a schedule from Boomerang LA (pan regional) taken from a Peruvian cable provider: April 10th, 2003 (all times PET GMT -5): I'm assuming there's more guides on that site, but it's limited. That's the oldest I found sadly as I...
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    Cartoon Network Technical Glitches

    Same. Interesting enough those eps have its Spanish dub via SAP.
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    Cartoon Network International Thread 7.0

    Both are for the LA/BR regions. I know the 2nd one is as I've seen that promo. EDIT: So that variant is for the UK feed, but I am pretty sure it also aired in LA.
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    Disney XD News & Discussion Thread

    The more frequent SIGN-OFF also occurs in FIOS. After scrolling to future dates and back, the schedule for this morning was fixed (still showing for future dates). Had to cancel my manual recording as well. It's still showing as "SIGN-OFF" their site/app though. Usually I've felt the...
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    Cartoon Network Branding Discussion Thread

    I'm pretty sure they showed that logo since that's the logo you see on CN Games (i.e attack the light, OK KO). You see it on app launch on selected games that show the "Cartoon Network Games" logo. Seeing how it's for ad-free games and stuff it's most likely for games such as Attack The Light...
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    Cartoon Network Technical Glitches

    I believe the "please stand by" image is for the online live feeds for AS when it goes to comms. Here's the recording I got: Only got until Megalo Box started (it's on my DVR though), but someone else recorded it and posted: EDIT: It's just 'till megalo box started. Saying since the 1st half...
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    "Steven Universe" News and Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    If anyone's curious about the "leak" from CN LA.. it only aired once or so and only on CN South Atlantic feed (Chile-based) so only a few people got to see it. Another promo for Diamond Days aired on almost all feeds as that started weekly this Monday. The 1-hour special airs on Feb 2nd on CN...
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    Boomerang (US) News & Discussion II: Rebrand

    We're speaking of the linear Boomerang US channel, right? By "most" I mean what's being broadcast/aired or what has been aired on the channel. I'd say all excluding bumpers/promos, unless if there's a glitch where the wrong master is played (as mentioned earlier), per FCC Closed Captioning...
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    Disney XD News & Discussion Thread

    Pretty sure that belongs in the International thread. Also, in other news: Verizon FIOS customers might lose the Disney/ABC/ESPN Networks on Dec 31st at 5pm EST due to a disagreement, including Disney XD. I really hope it doesn't happen as I'll end up losing these channels :/ If it does then...
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    Boomerang (US) News & Discussion II: Rebrand

    Most of them do. If they don't have CC either it's a really old old master, or they're using the master made for Boomerang/Tooncast LA (has happened in the past).
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    Toonzone News WB Launches Boomerang Streaming Service Hosting Over 5,000 Classic Cartoons

    As far as I've read here and there yea. Another reason why I was amazed to see it on CN On Demand as I can surely remember images of all the specials cropped in the Boomerang app. It could be as this shows Turner DOES in fact have the xmas special in HD in its original aspect ratio. Maybe it's...

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