The Penguin

A South Dakota native who spent some time in Indiana, The Penguin stumbled upon Toon Zone in the Fall of 2001 while looking for info on the then-upcoming Justice League and surfed around the site. He felt left out not being able to participate in the discussions going on in the forums, so he signed up and now he just won't leave!

As a mod of The Entertainment Board and the TZ Crew's resident "wrestling fanatic," Pengy likes to think of himself as "The Unofficial World Wrestling Entertainment Moderator" and has actually gotten other people to go along with it.

The Mod of Fowl Play is also a big fan of all things Batman, Star Wars and Star Trek. Penguin really enjoys going to movies and watching TV, which manages to keep him pretty busy on top of whatever it is he should be doing (or some would say instead of it). He once bought a Nintendo GameCube, but gets so busy with other things he's pretty much forgotten everything except how to plug it in. He has a degree in Journalism, used to work in college housing, and now works at a public library! Of course that is just until he begins his career with World Wrestling Entertainment (maybe).

In addition to Batman and super heroes, I love professional wrestling. I'm a big fan of the Star Wars films, The West Wing and Star Trek: TNG, DS9 and Voyager. I also like video games, and when I actually find time, think about playping my Nintendo GameCube, but end up watching YouTube on my PlayStation.
July 20
South Dakota




"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves." - Henry David Thoreau


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