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Anyone who thinks the Original Powerpuff Girls is cynical clearly never watched the show. Fone Bone is a hack
Fone Bone needs to be banned from this site, because he thinks the Original Powerpuff Girls is mean-spirited and he hates Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
Here's my Ideal Disney XD schedule for next week. What do you think?
harry580 wrote on Streaker Prower's profile.
I like your profile picture, tails is my favorite
sunnsettapple wrote on Eddy_Girly's profile.
(Part 1)
I know this is a weird long shot and I doubt you'll even get this message, but I'm doing some lost media research and I have very few leads. Some old forum posts that came up on a Google search lead me to believe there's a small chance you may be able to help.

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