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    Where can children's animation TV schedules be accessed?

    I posted a thread like this in the Cartoon Network board asking for a source for official CN schedules WITH the episode names can be accessed, but I never got a reply, so I might as well ask in general: Do you guys know where archives of TV schedules for children's networks (e.g. Nickelodeon...
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    Remember Tickle U?

    I remember Tickle U! I watched it all the time as a kindergartner and I loved the two cute mascots. Watched Peppa Pig, Little Robots, Gordon the Garden Gnome, and vaguely remember Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs. I wouldn't mind if they revived it or made a similar block this day in age...
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    Are little kids less interested in cartoons about adult human characters?

    It seems to me that kids only like cartoons starring kid/teenage characters or adult characters who are anthropomorphic (like SpongeBob or Regular Show)...but not human adult characters, at least not without a combination of anthropomorphic characters. Sure, there is The Simpsons, Family Guy...
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    Where can I find Carton Network Schedules?

    I too have been wondering this. I posted a thread like this requesting a source to view archived CN schedules WITH the episode titles, but nobody replied. :( There do exist past schedules from about 2007-2013 that were posted here on Toonzone every week, which were usually prefaced with "CN...
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    If Chowder got a 4th season?

    I'd love to sew a reboot focusing on Chowder and Panini's life as now-adults. Maybe Mung Dall has died and the fart cloud (forgot his name) lives on his own?
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    Once AS loses all their FOX shows, is there any hope for them to be brought back?

    This is something I've wondered ever since hearing the news that AS was to lose their entire FOX lineup next year - Is there any possibility that they might come back at some point? Or was it pretty much confirmed that they would be going permanently...?
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    Why did AS used to advertise episodes of FOX cartoons as being "new"?

    I don't get what the point was of them showing promotional bumpers advertising episodes that aired on AS one week after they premiered on FOX as 'new'. They already aired on FOX a week prior, and they're not their original shows.
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    What shows has AS for sure lost the rights to?

    Since I haven't been keeping up lately with much of their post-Rick and Morty programming, I don't really have a definite say in what shows they have recently lost the license to, but if I had to guess, here are my choices: -The Oblongs - We haven't seen it since 2015, so I don't know why...
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    Do you think ATHF has potential for a revival?

    If Dave Willis wants to reboot the series, I think it could very much be a possibility, with the same animation format and voice actors as the original series rather than being a completely new project. It was lucky enough to run for nearly 15 years and had a massive cult following, so anything...
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    Genndy Tartakovsky's "Fixed"

    In Sony Pictures Animation's promise to produce more PG-13/R-rated animated movies, Genndy Tartavosky - creator of Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack - has partnered with the company to produce another R-rated computer-animated movie called Fixed. It centers around a male dog who's in love...
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    Do you think AS might become its own channel or move to another sometime this decade?

    I've thought about it a lot recently, and I honestly think it's very much a possibility. Family Guy was pretty much the only thing that skyrocketed Adult Swim's ratings in the first place, and now that all of the FOX lineup is leaving soon, the only things that will be saving Adult Swim's...
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    Have teenage characters ever appeared in preschool-oriented cartoons before?

    I know there have been many regular kid cartoons (those aimed at 6 and up) that feature teenagers and even star them as the main characters, but I have yet to see any cartoons aimed at preschoolers (educational ones typically shown on Nick Jr., Disney Junior, PBS Kids etc.) where teenagers have...
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    Will Adult Swim ever acquire Duncanville?

    I think if it accumulates good ratings in the Animation Domination lineup at FOX and goes on for a couple more seasons to consider it popular, then Adult Swim could very well pick it up and have it replace Bob's and Family Guy within the next two years.
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    What are the odds of AS getting Futurama again?

    Just curious. The syndication contract for the show expired in December 2007 which caused Adult Swim to stop airing it, but since it's been nearly 13 years and the show subsequently moved to Comedy Central I wonder if they still have another shot at getting the rights back.
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    Do you think we'll ever get another R-rated CGI-animated film like Sausage Party?

    I was mostly talking about animated adult films generated in CGI form, something that the article didn't address unless I missed something. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut is often given the incorrect title as the first computer-animated film to be rated R, but because it lacks any 3D...