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    "Big City Greens" News And Discussion Thread

    It's time for Random Rings.
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    International Disney Networks Thread Part 8

    @jasonnguyen2606 recorded this video, so thanks for that. Apparently, Smurfs: The Lost Village will premiere on Disney Channel in Vietnam on April 18.
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    Vampirina Cartoon Talkback Thread

    Yeah, I wouldn't really put too much trust in wikipedia. Besides, the episode that's on there mentions a May 4 date when it should say May 3 given how new Vampirina episodes these days air on Mondays.
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    Which Hanna Barbera/WWE Crossover Movie Is The Best?

    During the mid 2010s, we had 4 WB crossover movies with WWE. In 2014, we got Scooby Doo: Wrestlemania Mystery. In 2015, we got The Flintstones And WWE: Stone Age Smack Down. In 2016, we got Scooby Doo And WWE: Curse Of The Speed Demon, a sequel to the 2014 movie. And finally in 2017, we had The...
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    "Batman: The Long Halloween, Parts 1-2" Animated Feature Pre-Release News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    I don't recall if this was said before, but Gary Miereanu said Naya Rivera recorded all her dialogue as Catwoman for both movies before she died.
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    Vampirina Cartoon Talkback Thread

    This website says that there isn't a new Vampirina episode in May. Where did you hear about that?,6814.0.html
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    "Maya and the Three" News & Discussion Thread

    Jorge said how he's writing an "art of" book about the series that's said to come out this fall.
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    Chicken Squad (News And Discussion Thread)

    Here are the Chicken Squad episodes airing in May. On May 14, we have the episodes "Chicken Squad to the Rescue / A Speedy Exit" and "The Natural / A Dirty Job". On May 21, we have "Gone to the Dogs / Coop Dreams". On May 28, we have "Roommate Rumble / The Need for Speed"...
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    'Muppet Babies' (2018) on Disney Junior: News and Discussion Thread

    We have 2 episodes airing in May. On May 7, we have "It's Not Easy Being Greeny/Dueling Harmonicas". On May 14, we have "Best In Chicken Show/No Takesies Backsies". This is presumably to tie in with the premiere of fellow Disney Junior series Chicken Squad...
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    New Transformers Show Coming to Nick

    Jordan Rosato revealed on her linkedin profile that she will be a storyboard director for the series. She previously worked as a director and storyboard artist on The Loud House, and has done work for both DC Superhero Girls 2019 and Little Ellen.
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    Amphibia News And Discussion Thread

    Tomorrow's new episode has 3 special guests and a clip as well.

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