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  • Here are the nominations for favorite animated kids show at the Kids Choice Awards in Brazil. I don't recognize 2 of them, but the rest are Miraculous Ladybug, SpongeBob SquarePants, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, Kid Cosmic, Big City Greens, and The Casagrandes.
    Of course, it wouldn't be this category without a nomination from the world's famous yellow-colored sea anemone himself...
    I wish a happy birthday to Corey Burton (66) (voice of Professor Ludwig Von Drake for over 30 years, as well as Megatron on Transformers Animated), Sumalee Montano (49) (voice of Arcee on Transformers Prime and Katana on Beware The Batman), and Travis Willingham (40) (voice of King Roland on Sofia The First and Thor on many Marvel cartoons since Avengers Assemble).

    The winner of this matchup is Happy Birthday Scooby Doo, which got 3 votes. A Scooby Doo Valentine got 0 votes. The next matchup is Birthday For A Princess. It's between "Surprise" from Cleopatra In Space and "The Birthday Cruise" from Elena Of Avalor.
    So here's something unusual. We have both an episode of Elena Of Avalor and an episode of TOTS uploaded to the Disney Junior YouTube channel. I mean, I know full episodes have been uploaded there before, but never two in one day.

    The winner of this matchup is Princess Prom, which got 3 votes. Enchanting Grom Fright got 1 vote. The next matchup is The Guilty Party. It's between Happy Birthday Scooby Doo and A Scooby Doo Valentine.

    The winner of this matchup is Mr. Ratburn And The Special Someone, which got 3 votes. Reunited got 2 votes. The next matchup is Prom Episode. It's between Princess Prom from She Ra And The Princesses Of Power & Enchanting Grom Fright from The Owl House.
    Jim Krieg said how he almost didn't write Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox since he was busy working on Green Lantern The Animated Series, but through persuasion from Alan Burnett, he took on the job.

    The winner of this matchup is "The Other Side: The Tournament", which got 3 votes. "Present Tense" got 1 vote. The next matchup is Wedding Time. It's between "Reunited" from Steven Universe and "Mr. Ratburn And The Special Someone" from Arthur.

    Both are tied with 1 vote each. I'll be tiebreaker and pick Tamaranean Dance Club to move to the next round. The next matchup is A Gift For Dad. It's between "Present Tense" from The Loud House and "The Other Side: The Tournament" from Craig Of The Creek.
    Hero Elementary will have a first day of school special airing on Monday September 6.

    The winner of this matchup is Zombie Party A Go Go, which got 2 votes. DC Showcase: Phantom Stranger got 1 vote. The next matchup is Dance Of Disaster. It's between "A Cut Above The Rest" from Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz and "Tamaranean Dance Club" from DC Superhero Girls 2015
    Keone Young said how he originally wasn't hired to voice Jei in the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was hired to do a more comedic role, but he got the role thanks to Andrea Romano.

    Dante Basco posted a small video where he meets up with Zach Tyler Eisen, the first time he saw him in 15 years.

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I'm wondering what episode in season 3 this is. Nancy wanting to go to Paris is the goal she's been working up to since day 1. That warrants a special, which season 3 starts out with. However, the plot of the premiere involves making a movie, which doesn't seem to leave room to show off Paris.

Great to be back here.

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