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  • I've noticed how some of the behind the scenes Big Nate videos that Ben Giroux puts on his YouTube channel mainly show him and Bryce Charles doing their dialogue for Nate and DeeDee and no one else is present.

    Can someone animate this so that we get a 2D version of "Crystal Clear"? These pencil tests John Pomeroy puts out are really nice to look at.

    So this is interesting. The Thai dub for the Amphibia episode "Spider Sprig/Olivia And Yunnan" keeps the dark ending credits, but uses the regular season 3 outro music.

    So I've been trying again to update the IMDb page for The Chicken Squad, but even after 9 months, it still won't accept these 4 voice actor credits (Grey DeLisle Griffin, Tom Kenny, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Alanna Ubach). And then I just discovered that I got my TV tropes account got hacked, and I can't post or edit anything (like adding Alice's Wonderland Bakery to the Disney Television Animation page).
    I kind of wonder what the show would look like if it was 2D given how this is very expressive. The show still looks good as is.

    Here is something on my mind.

    Imagine if Shea Fontana and Matt Hoverman collaborated on a project. Her brand of positivity, inclusivity, and fun cheesiness combined with his emotional moments, mature storytelling, and Broadway like songs (helped by how he's worked as a playwright) would be really awesome to see.
    "Shani Like A Star" is a very wholesome Polly Pocket episode, whether it's in Shani trying to fit in to impress others but having trouble, Ava trying to muster up the confidence to be with others, and having Polly and Lila act like pseudo parents. Only a show like this can make the phrase "odd ducks" endearing and empowering

    Bella/Big from Polly Pocket reminds me of Big Barda from DC Superhero Girls 2015, being a physically strong character who's initially antagonistic before becoming a friend to the main characters, and showing a softer side. Rhona Rees even seems to channel a voice similar to Misty Lee. I know Shea Fontana developed both shows, but still.

    This song made me realize how it's rare for most projects to pair up Goofy and Daisy, yet they play well off of each other.
    It took almost 12 years to start another thread for the series.

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    Part 10 was the first time I ended up making the 500th post on a thread.
    It's interesting how both StarBeam and Polly Pocket are both Netflix shows with Canadian voice actors that had New Year's Eve specials that go for big changes. The former introduced Zoey's cousin Zara, who gains powers at the end. The latter had Polly's family find out about her shrinking powers.
    Talk about production issues.

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It's almost game showcase time! Almost time for games to get revealed, a possible Switch 2 (or whatever Nintendo's revealing this year/next year). From Nintendo to SEGA, Sony to Microsoft, Square-Enix to ATLUS, and Microsoft to Capcom. Looking forward again to see more game reveals, E3 is not gonna be here this year, but that doesn't mean the games and game companies won't be. Hopefully it'll all be awesome fun!
I hope this pandemic ends this year, but since cases are rising right now, I‘m afraid it’s a long wait. But I don’t want to go doom and gloom again. And believe me, I went through that before.
With Mom losing nick@nite rights, it will return back to TVLand next week. That show can also be shown other networks like FX, CMT, Paramount and some local networks
Yay one of my favorite, currently running, comic strips is returning on June 27th , it's going into newspapers, been online only for a couple years. Crabgrass by Tauhid Bondia for May 26, 2022 | GoComics.com

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