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  • I approve this casting.
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    Did she do a British accent on Young Justice? I remember hearing her do an (okay) Australian one, I think.

    I'm not sure she did. I'm not the best with identifying accents. I suggest checking this video, and seeing if you can hear it. (Her section starts at 9:56 and lasts 4 minutes).
    It's interesting how Matt Vogel has been sentient food items in 2 Sesame Street specials co-written by someone named Joe. He was The Cookie Thief (a literal cookie) in The Cookie Thief (co-written by Joey Mazzarino). He's the Wish Pickle in When You Wish Upon A Pickle (co-written by Joe Fallon).
    I wish a happy 30th birthday to Jenny Calabro. She's been a storyboard artist and/or character designer on shows like Avengers Assemble, Marvel Rising, DC Superhero Girls 2019, Elena Of Avalor, Glitch Techs, and Santiago Of The Seas.

    Given how Jason J. Lewis loves Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm, he must've been really excited getting to work with Kevin Conroy on Justice League Action.

    I wish a happy birthday to Roger Craig Smith (45), Will Friedle (44), and Alyson Stoner (27). Roger's roles include Batman, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Captain America. Will's roles include Terry McGinnis/Batman, Ron Stoppable, and Peter Quill/Star Lord. Allyson's roles include Isabella (Phineas And Ferb), Batgirl (Young Justice, Lego DC DVD movies), and Sam Sharp.
    Here's a picture of Danica McKellar with her mother. It's impressive how similar they look. I could've sworn they were sisters. I know the picture is from 2015, but still.

    Tony Sampson is the best Eddy. James Arnold Taylor tries, but he goes a bit too over the top.
    Which is why there won't be an Ed, Edd 'n Eddy revival anytime soon
    What dessert do you use to celebrate a birthday? Sponge cake! Anyway, happy 37th birthday Ashley Johnson.

    Here's something interesting. Though she's still in a relationship with Alex Hirsch, Dana Terrace came out as bisexual back in 2017. That's pretty cool.
    The winner for this Media Brackets competition is Phineas And Ferb: Star Wars, which got 4 votes. Quack Pack got 1 vote. Thanks to everyone for participating. The article is next week.

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I think this is the first time he responded to a tweet from this account.

Also, this came out.

Updated my avatar to Pan Am Railways, which has just been acquired by CSX.
Check out my sig, would you? I realize at this stage of the game I don't want people to read Gilda & Meek & The Un-Iverse because I want money or fame. I wouldn't have posted 34 free issues on a blog if I did. The Aspie in me simply feels that it's really the only way for another person to fully understand me. That matters to me.

Ever wonder what makes Fone Bone tick? Check out the sig.
Wow! Something was updated to represent a beloved tradition in a sweet way? Oh the HORROR!!! :O :O Hershey's Kisses’ classic Christmas bells ad got a makeover — and people are outraged
DuckTales was canceled? Why is it that despite the fact that I didn't love the show I'm super annoyed anyways?

It turns out I dislike crushing potential as much as I do quality.