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  • The winner of this matchup is Cheers And Present Danger, which got 3 votes. Friend-a-versary got 0 votes. The next matchup is House Parties Gone Wrong. It's between the Catscratch episode "Zombie Party A Go Go" and DC Showcase: Phantom Stranger.

    The winner of this matchup is Pinkie Pride, which got 5 votes. The All Nighter Before Christmas got 2 votes. The next matchup is Celebrating Best Friends. It's between "Cheers And Present Danger" from Harvey Girls Forever and "Friend-a-versary" from Muppet Babies 2018.

    The winner of this matchup is Trick Or Threat, which got 3 votes. A Little Fright got 1 vote. Now it's time for the next matchup called Going Too Far. It's between The Penguins Of Madagascar episode "The All Nighter Before Christmas" and the My Little Pony episode "Pinkie Pride

    So we have another tie with 3 votes each. That's surprising. Anyway, both are good, but I pick The Giftmazing Birthday to move to the next round. The next matchup is Halloween Hijinks.

    Both are tied with 2 votes each. I'll be tiebreaker and pick The Birthday Wish to move to the next round. The next matchup is getting distracted. It's between the Sanjay And Craig episode "Beach Butts" and the TOTS episode "The Giftmazing Birthday".

    And today we start the Media Brackets competition. The first matchup of round 1 is Repetitive Birthdays. It's between the Jimmy Neutron episode "Hypno Birthday To You" and the Sofia The First episode "The Birthday Wish".
    I find it impressive how much attention Lilith gets on Twitter and how active Cissy Jones is in showing support for the character. It probably helps that she imbues her own energy into the character. I mean, look at this tweet. There's only 1 word and an emoji, but says a lot.

    Although Tony Anselmo is still voicing Donald in Mickey Mouse Funhouse, Daniel Ross said that he's still voicing some characters here and there. Imagine if he guest starred in a Donald centric episode.

    Today's episode of TOTS, "Wilburt Woodbird/A Nutty Delivery", has Chico and Cherry's parents voiced by Vanessa Marshall & Andrew Kishino. There's a bit of irony in them voicing a married couple since they used to be married but aren't anymore (they were married from 2001 to 2007).
    I wish a happy 33rd birthday to Aimee Carrero. She's known for voicing Elena on Elena Of Avalor and Adora/She Ra on She Ra And The Princesses Of Power.
    Imagine if they made macaroni and ice cream instead...
    Looks like unless you're in NYC, you have to order it online. So...guess that's a pass for me.
    Low Spark of Lyman
    Low Spark of Lyman
    The idea of two things I like going together doesn't always appeal to me.
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Powerpuff Girls 2016 stands out from the other shows Bob Boyle created/co-created since it's the only one to star human characters, albeit super-powered ones. The other shows he created/co-created (Yin Yang Yo, Wow Wow Wubbzy, and Chico Bon Bon Monkey With A Tool Belt) star animal characters.
Im worried for other Nick shows due to newer Nicktoons shows like Smurfs, Kamp Koral get more attention which some other cartoons seems to not notice and forgot about it or new episodes airing in other countries.. thats my concern about treatment
That Girl Lay Lay on NickPluto for what I noticed in random times.. just I checked today.
This is why i changed my pfp for 1 day

My kizunatchi pfp will return after 1 day
Earlier this year was the 20th anniversary of macOS (then known as Mac OS X): 10.0 "Cheetah". Today, it's the 20th anniversary of the next release: 10.1 "Puma".

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