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I decided to merge some of my recent posts from the Disney+ and HBO Max threads in order to balance it with Paramount+ and Peacock as the six consecutive posts I posted on the former have now been merged and I'm not really happy on that the practice is now used for that thread when said practice was fine with threads relating to TV shows and films than those relating to streaming services but that's just me.
An animated movie based on the Metal Men is in development for the Warner Animation Group. Disney veterans John Musker & Ron Clements are attached to the project.

Much like Sandra Equihua, Lauren Faust also tried pitching her own version of Jem And The Holograms. Much like with Sandra, her pitch didn't go through when the live action movie bombed.

According to Xiaolinpedia, "Xiaolin Chronicles" was supposed to be a three-season saga. Instead, a fan made a huge scandal across the internet because of the show's hiatus and demanded the show back. Even worse, the show's creative force and some of the international VAs passed away shortly after the show ended. How about that?

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